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  1. WyoDeuce

    Is my M35A2 starter waterproof?

    I have been having intermitent issues with my starter. I hear the solenoid click but it doesn't crank. After several tries it usually starts to crank. This evening while trying to troubleshoot the problem again it started working while I was checking voltages. 24v to the solenoid. Good...
  2. WyoDeuce

    Need Compressor for M35A2 (Bad noises)

    I hear new noises coming out of my compressor. Bad noises. Metalic clacking. It only makes noise when it engages. I still have good pressure but I don't think the compressor is long for this world. I have been doing a lot of mud bogging and might have filled it with mud/water since it...
  3. WyoDeuce

    My new M105A2

    My new M105A2 showed up on wed. I had a couple of buddies go to Ft. Carson to pick it up for me. They towed it home with a Chevy diesel with no problems. 1987 Kasel with a nice top and bows. Brand new paint! Not used since the paint job! It has a working jack leg and the rear support leg...
  4. WyoDeuce

    MVPA 2009 Convoy Pics - Laramie WY

    I found these pics in a mislabled folder. I had been wondering where they were. They were taken 8-16-09 in Laramie WY.
  5. WyoDeuce

    Deuce with snowmobiles 4-10-10 (pics)

    Took the deuce up the mountain for some snowmobiling yesterday. Couldn't have been a nicer day. The truck ran like a champ. The picture at the parking lot is 10,000 ft. The other pics are up to 12,000 ft. It is still winter in the high country.
  6. WyoDeuce

    Anyone near FT. Carson CO? (colorado springs)

    I have a M015A2 at Ft. Carson. They only load out tues, wed,and thurs. My day off is friday. I hate to skip a day of work just to pick up a trailer. Can anyone pick up on 4-14, 4-15 or 4-16 and hold for a day or two until friday 4-17 ? Trailer is in good condition and looks ready to go...
  7. WyoDeuce

    Any luck with SF97's? (Hold trucks)

    Has an anyone got an sf97 for a truck on the hold list? My truck was one of the ones that was on the hold list but was released because EUC had allready cleared. I know other people have trucks that were in the same situation. My SF97 is 3 weeks out now, I received an e-mail wanting me to...
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