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  1. Deuce_of_Spades

    My new MEP-003A, all trailered up!

    I won a MEP003A a couple months ago from Camp French. I really wanted it as portable as poss. Mostly just so I could store it in the barn and pull it out and plug it in when needed for power outages. But I also wanted to be able to take it down the road to the inlaws place incase they were...
  2. Deuce_of_Spades

    Camp French, CA MEP003A- Who got one?

    So I just was awarded a MEP003A genset from Camp French. My first one. There were 13 of them for auction so I was wondering if any of our guys here got one? I got mine with 990 hours on it. I dont know but I think thats pretty low hours, yes? Most had a lot less, 2 even had less than 50...
  3. Deuce_of_Spades

    Sorry, one millionth brake light question

    I have signals and marker lights, no brake lights. I think I found the brake light switch you have been referring to but since there were no pictures of it to be found (at least that look like mine), could someone tell me if I'm in the right place. If you could just help me out with what A,B...
  4. Deuce_of_Spades

    Poll: Deuce Ins. What company do you use?

    Ok, I had so much input on my insurance limitation question that now I'm really curious who everyone is using for their insurance, and if they have had to submit a claim for anything? If so how would you rate their service. I think this would help us newbies in our search for quality insurance...
  5. Deuce_of_Spades

    Gulfway Ins. Limitation WOES!!!

    I know someone is going to tell me to use the search engine first, but I already did that, and got some info. but none that answers my question. Gulfway told me the normal "no hauling for profit," but also said I could not use my deuce to pick up a 50 lb bag of grain at the feed store. She...
  6. Deuce_of_Spades

    Loaded overnight, is this ok?

    I want to take the deuce to pick up a load of slag om my way to work. Then go to work. Then go home from work. Then go to sleep after work. Then get up the next day and unload the Deuce before going back to work. Is this exceptable or should it not sit loaded for 16 hours??? Inquiring mind...
  7. Deuce_of_Spades

    Recovery:M105A2 From Fort Lewis (pics)

    I want to start by saying thanks to Kurt (SS Name, kurtkds). We had never met before except on here and he met me at the gate, took me through base and helped me get all set up and on my way!!! Thanks Kurt! SS Rocks!!! So anyways, I drove 155 miles up to Fort Lewis WA. from Portland OR. I...
  8. Deuce_of_Spades

    WMO recovery, How do you...

    WMO recovery, How do you go pump/recover your black gold? I have 500 free gallons of UMO I can go and pick up but I only have a very light duty oil pump by Fill-Rite. I want to know what you guys are pumping with? Are you all spending the big bucks on some sort of diaphragm pump, air...
  9. Deuce_of_Spades

    I let the magic smoke out!

    Heres the story... Yesterday I got in the deuce, flipped the switch, put her in neutral and started her up. Instentanious start as usual! I backed her up to the garage and shut her off while I off loaded a score of UMO into my tote tank. About 30 mins later I got in the truck, did my normal...
  10. Deuce_of_Spades

    Air tank purge valves???

    Ok guys, I've tried the search function but have had zero luck! But then again I really don't know what I'm searching for. I remembered a time way back, when my dad sent me over to his air compressor and had me pull a valve on the bottom of it to let the air out and the water that was in...
  11. Deuce_of_Spades

    Help! My Deuce wheel sprung a leak!

    So last night I parked my Deuce on a dirt embankment. Her passanger wheels were up on the hill and the drivers wheels were on the flat ground. The whole Deuce was tilted probably 25-30 degrees or so. I thought nothing of it being that it's a Deuce! Well this morning when I came out I just...
  12. Deuce_of_Spades

    Condition Codes?

    So I bid on my first GL item today. It was a trailer. According to what I could see in the pictures it look really nice. Unfortunately after I bid, I saw a "Condition" tab. I clicked on the tab and it said... Condition Code H7 "Material which has been determined to be unserviceable and does...
  13. Deuce_of_Spades

    Testing, 123

    Testing, 123 123 123
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