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  1. maccus

    AF Blue M35

    Does anyone have any good pictures of 50s' to early 60s AF blue tactical vehicles. All the tactical vehicles we had in the USAFSS mobile units were blue from 58-64 as I remember them. I see some AF blue trucks on the net with "US AIR FORCE" on the hood, I never saw any blue AF TAC vehicle in...
  2. maccus

    Mounting Information For Standard Engine

    I just got a NOS 2A016 engine. And was looking for mounting fabrication information. Found this MIL-STD-1227b document on this web site. I did a quick look at the web site and found mounting information for the 4A084 engine also. I suspect that if one were to look some more at the web site...
  3. maccus

    MEP-018A Changes/Upgrades

    Does anyone have information on hardware changes and the dates of implementation for the MEP-018A Gen set. I have a couple of the gen sets and I see that there are some differences to them. One has a different method of attaching the spin on oil filter and oil pressure send unit. And one has a...
  4. maccus

    MEP-018A/4A084 engine muffler

    After checking with Saturn Surplus and others I found that the muffler for the 4A084 motor in the MEP-018A gen set is not to be found anymore. So I found simple a way to fabricate one. So here goes my fabrication made of parts I found on the Net etc. 1...I removed the original muffler from the...
  5. maccus

    Radiator cover

    A couple of weeks ago I found a source for a NOS radiator cover. It got here today. Looks good and it came with all the correct mounting hardware. There are no instructions however. But one can just look up the two or three TBs' out here that tell all about the mounting of the cover. You...
  6. maccus

    Change in how South Dakota regulates Historical Vehicles

    On Feb.14 2018 SD changed the law regulating Historical Vehicles. Under the old law a person could register MVs as historical if they were 30 years old, no weight restrictions But could not use the MV for general pleasure use, only using it for parades etc.. Under the new law you can...
  7. maccus

    Data Plate Info

    I am putting the final touches on a heater for my 52 M37. I have ordered the data plate and was wondering if someone out there could provide the measurements of the plate. Here is the plate. I will modify it to work with my heater controls.
  8. maccus

    M151 data plate

    I am in the process of adding a heater in my 52 M37. I plan to use a M151 heater fan data plate for my heater fan switch. I found a NOS plate in Europe. While I am waiting for the plate to come I need to make a mounting panel for under dash use. Does anyone out there have the plate and could...
  9. maccus

    Another M116 Mule trailer

    Here is a M116 that I had in the back yard and its modification into a mule hauler. As with most all improvised adaptations I have used what I had in the iron pile and what I could buy cheaply. Going with 10-32 volt LED lighting so it can be pulled with my M37 or civy pickup. Will add the...
  10. maccus

    Mule rebuild

    I picked up a 1968 Bayfield M274A5 with a parts engine included on the 1st of May. Did not want any more projects but the price was right so I am in the middle of another project. It is in pretty good shape as far as old mules go. Took deck off to make for easy access. Missing some expensive...
  11. maccus

    M37.....Here we go again

    Even though I am trying to stop the MV restorations the stuff just keeps coming in. Got an easy 1952 M37 resto a couple of weeks ago and am working on it. It came with a couple of parts M37's. And to make matters worse the person I got 7 mules from came down with another one. Told him I did...
  12. maccus

    1957 Utica Bend Restoration

    Last week I picked up a 1957 Utica Bend. The last gasser I did was a 1951 REO M34. I was not going to do any more trucks (to **** old) but this one is such a cherry and at $300.00 I had to have it. Came off of a ranch about 50 miles from the recovery was easy. No rust anywhere as out...
  13. maccus

    Gov Planet location in Sparta, WI

    Does anyone know if GP is using the same location for load out as did GL for their trucks at Sparta/Ft. McCoy. I have picked up many trucks at McCoy from GL but never picked one up from GP. I have heard that at some locations GP has an off post location. Thanks
  14. maccus

    M939A2 Adjustable return fuel check valve.

    I am trying to make this thread more searchable. Change the title Clinto if you can come up with a better title. There are a few threads about a problem with the return fuel check valve on the M939A2 series. The check valve is the same one used on the older Dodge Cummins 5.9 pumps. And there...
  15. maccus

    M931/32 2 inch receiver hitch

    Has anyone come up with a good solution for a 2 inch or 2.5 inch receiver hitch for a M931/32 tractor? Off the shelf Curt hitches etc. do not work to well. I want to leave the existing pintle hitch on the truck. I will move the taillight stuff to another location. I am thinking about...
  16. maccus

    Dash Panel LED Bulbs

    Just wondering if anyone has tried these bulbs in the dash of their M35, M800s etc. vehicles. I am thinking about buying some to check them out. My only concern is will they put out the correct illumination required to illuminate the gages. I suspect they will work well for the high beam, front...
  17. maccus

    M101A3 DOT Lighting

    I have finished my upgrade on my M101A3 to meet current DOT lighting specs. I see that the replacement for the M101 series the M1101 and M1102 meet the specs. All the lights are 12/24 volt units including the GI LED tail lights. The brackets I fabricated. This trailer can be pulled by your...
  18. maccus

    Federal Trailer Light Specs

    I am in the process of making my M101A3 meet the current federal trailer lighting specs. Just measured the distance between the outside of the fenders. 80 inches plus. Looks like I will need more lights. Trailer Poster Table for Website
  19. maccus

    M35A3 lockout hubs

    I finally got around to mounting the hubs that I have had sitting around for a while. I went with AVM hubs because I wanted to use the stock hub caps and not have to modify them to much. I had a set of Selectro hubs which work just as well but would have required a lot more modification to the...
  20. maccus

    M35A3 7 rib belt cross reference chart

    Often I see questions about finding a 7 rib belt for your A3. Here is a good cross ref chart. If you cannot find the exact size at your location see if you can use one close to the size you want. In an emergency it might just work. Like the 7PK1640 is so darn close to the issue belt it will work...
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