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  1. OD_Coyote

    Transfer case mounting bracket hole on right side of frame

    When I removed the transfer case from the M47 today I noticed the hole for the transfer case mount does not look very professional. Does the hole in the pic below look factory?
  2. OD_Coyote

    OA331 Tune Up Parts Sources?

    Does anybody have any recommended sources for OA331 water proof distributor tune parts, like caps, rotors, points, ignition wires etc? I see that Memphis Equipment has the parts, but I am wondering if there is a source that would not cost quite as much.
  3. OD_Coyote

    REO OA331 - Looking for Water Pump to Engine Block Gasket

    Does anyone know where I can find a current source for the gasket that goes between the water pump and the engine block on an REO OA331? Thanks, Chris
  4. OD_Coyote

    M47 Dump Project Is Home

    When I sold my 86 M35A2C three weeks ago I had no idea I would be replacing it so soon. Anyway, I have always wanted a 2.5 ton dump and when this beauty showed up on craigslist I just had to buy it. It is a 1951 REO M47 that runs, but need a complete restoration. I figure it will be a 5 year...
  5. OD_Coyote

    Deuce Tractor on CL

    FYI - I have not seen it in person, nor do I have an affiliation with the owner. If I were not currently unemployed I would surely be tempted. 2 1/2 TON ARMY TRACTOR TRUCK
  6. OD_Coyote

    M35A2C - Parade Ready

    It was decided at the last minute to run the deuce in the local parade, so here are some pics of the truck flying a U. S. flag that was carried by my youngest son when he was flying missions in chopper over Iraq earler this year.
  7. OD_Coyote

    Winch Brackets

    I am getting ready to mount the winch on my '86 M35A2C and while I am at it I figure I might as well try to get matching winch mounting brackets. The mounting bracket I have for the driver's side is the pressed steel type, while the passengers side is the welded steel type. Does anyone know...
  8. OD_Coyote

    Finally got my 11:00 20Rs mounted!

    Well I finally got my 11:00 R20s I bought from 100dollarman mounted on my truck and all I can say is they are nice! Here is a before and a few after pics.
  9. OD_Coyote

    New Deuce Accessory

    Now here is an accessory that every deuce should not be without. See the inclinometer/rough road indicator in the pic below. :grin:
  10. OD_Coyote

    Picked up my new tires today!

    I picked up my (10) 11.00-20 Firestone T831 Radials that I bought from Hundy, man they are nice!!!! Now to get them mounted. Here is a pic of them in the back of my pickup.
  11. OD_Coyote

    Desert Tan M35 Headed North on I-5

    While I was enroute Sacramento to recover my Tucker Snocat I saw a really clean looking desert tan M35 headed North on I-5 between Medford and Grants Pass, Or on Friday 3/16 at approx 16:00. Anyone here own that truck? If so, I salute you for having a such cherry looking rig. [thumbzup][thumbzup]
  12. OD_Coyote

    5 Ton Air Cleaner Assy on a M35?

    I have been thinking about putting a 5 Ton air cleaner assembly on my M35A2C. Does anybody have any insight to the pros and cons putting a 5 ton air cleaner on a deuce? Also, if you have any pics, please post them. Thank you, Chris
  13. OD_Coyote

    Added a few upgrades to M35A2C

    Per the title, I added the following to my M35A2C this weekend. -A Plastic battery box I picked up from Angus, a local SS member. -A set of Optima 6TL adapter trays from OD_Iron -A set of Optima red top batteries from Sam's Club -A spin-on oil filter adapter kit from Jatonka. -Locking...
  14. OD_Coyote

    My SF97 Arrived Today!

    The SF97 for my M35A2C arrived in the mail today, only took (3) weeks. Wow the GL is fast!!!
  15. OD_Coyote

    Mounting a MEP-002 on a M103

    I have a MEP-002 that I want to mount on my M103 trailer. My M103 trailer does not have the rails on top of the trailer deck. From what I have seen some 103s have the rails and some do not. Can someone tell me what purpose do the rails serve and what determines if they are supposed to on the...
  16. OD_Coyote

    The winch mount transfer begins

    Today I started the winch mount transfer from my old truck (it now belongs to one of my sons) to my new truck. Phase one is complete and all I have to do now is pickup some new hardware for both trucks. Would you go with black oxide fasteners or yellow zinc?
  17. OD_Coyote

    Three Deuces

    Well my oldest son and I went down to Tenino, WA today to look at a couple of deuces listed on craigslist. They are the ones mentioned in another thread on this site a day or two ago. Anyway, while my son was talking with the owner on the phone last night he mentioned he had another deuce with...
  18. OD_Coyote

    Plastic batter box

    Does anyone know where I can buy a plastic battery box for my M35? Thanks, Chris
  19. OD_Coyote

    1986 M35A2C Tool Kit Inventory List

    I recently picked a 1986 M35A2C at Ft. Lewis and while the tool box was empty:cry: I did find this list in a plastic pouch inside the tool box door. I thought I would post it for those of you the want know what the USAF stowed in there. I may even use this list as my Christmas list over the next...
  20. OD_Coyote

    Best way to remove silicon sealant

    I just picked up a M35A2C and there is silicon sealant on the joints between the hardtop and the cab over the CARC. What is the best way to remove the silicon sealant? The rear cab window is also stuck closed because they applied silicon sealant around it too. Thank you!
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