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  1. TucsonVTXF

    replacing center vent panel over dog house panel

    any tricks to replacing center vent panel over dog house panel to keep the top in the channel while getting the bottom in?
  2. TucsonVTXF

    hmmwv center cargo floor

    hmmwv center cargo floor. how hard are they to find? what is the average price? I am guessing they can be ordered from am general.
  3. TucsonVTXF

    Airlift bumper license plate mount

    Just installed my airlift bumper and need a plate holder for it. what are people doing to install a lighted plate mount?
  4. TucsonVTXF

    10K vers 12k half shafts (size)

    What are the measurements to be able to tell them apart?
  5. TucsonVTXF

    mep-003a remote fuel tank

    would this work as a remote fuel tank set up?
  6. TucsonVTXF

    Injector pump rebuild

    Any ideas on the best place to get HMMWV 6.2 diesel. Stanadyne db2 829-4879 pump rebuilt?
  7. TucsonVTXF

    Ft Carson preview 11/23

    Any one going to be there next week 11/24 time frame ? there is an item I need to have looked at.
  8. TucsonVTXF

    Headlight conversion

    7" Inch Round Glass Conversion Headlights with 24V Light Bulbs anyone tried it?
  9. TucsonVTXF

    HMMWV ride 9/6/15

    First photos from long ride today!!
  10. TucsonVTXF

    GP SF97 held hostage and Lies!!!!!!

    GP SF97 held hostage!!!!!! Ordered SF97 6 weeks ago and at that time they said about 5 weeks due to the backlog and I said I understand and that's fine... At the end of 5 weeks and called for a status and was told they had received the SF97 the week before and was holding it waiting on me to...
  11. TucsonVTXF

    HMMWV Barstow recovery 6/25/2015

    I cant wait!!!!! Truck is located on base as far as I know according govplanet..
  12. TucsonVTXF

    my wyoming guard hmmwv

    needs a little tlc. now for my euc to clear
  13. TucsonVTXF

    mep-003a first power run and concerns

    just did my first run under load. I can run my whole house including the AC and the mep is only running at 50 percent load so I have plenty of power!! my concern is that it sounds like I have a miss under load and I an getting blue smoke from the back exhaust. the exhaust temp was 198 on the...
  14. TucsonVTXF

    Last B52G dies today!!!
  15. TucsonVTXF

    m116a3 brake resivior vent tube

    I am in need of photos of how it is made. the bends and if it is capped at the end of the rubber hose.. thank you..
  16. TucsonVTXF

    cracked weld on mep003 muffler

    I have a cracked weld on my mep003a muffler! what material is the muffler made of so I can mig it. I am going to use my Lincoln 180. its cracked at the weld going into the muffler body from exhaust #2..
  17. TucsonVTXF

    Mep-003a no cranking!

    When I place the start switch to start nothing happens. I can jump the starter with no problems. Basically I have no power to the stater selnoid from the start relay. How common does this part go bad? There is power when the switch is set to start on the k1 relay at terminal A1-2 but not at A1-1.
  18. TucsonVTXF

    Barstow 6/27/2013

    going to be in Barstow Tomorrow 6/27 at 1pm to pick up a lot. Let me know if you need a preview..
  19. TucsonVTXF

    Oops looks like a bought a MEP 003a!

    looks like I pushed a lil hard and bought one out of Barstow, CA!!! looks like I will need to locate a air cleaner assembly!
  20. TucsonVTXF

    lost M101a2 tailgate lock pin

    Hello sorry i messed up this post and i am now moving it to the propper location!!
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