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  1. CajunM35A2

    Registering a Deuce in Arizona

  2. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    Oysters What also is funny is when Yankees (again, folks from north of I-10) learn when freshly shucked oysters die!
  3. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    Head sucker... Uhhhhh when you are talking to someone from New Orleans that could have more than one meaning....... It could be something akin to: HMFIC or, It could be someone who likes to eat crawfish like a we do here in Southern Louisiana, or, It could be, well, someone or something...
  4. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    Man those Yankees from up north of I-10 don't know good eating Man those Yankees from up north of I-10 don't know good eating. To make it clear, I am a Dago Coonass, thank you very much. Regarding the menu above, you forgot the hogshead cheese, shrimp spiders, boudin, frog legs..... In case...
  5. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    F-15s They may have. I must say that one of the more interesting intercepts back then was when one of the gulf coast radar balloons that had radar and other intercept devices on them to try to catch drug runners, broke free and was flying over the Gulf of Mexico. The Coonass Militia had to go...
  6. CajunM35A2

    I'm stupid and misspelled my user name

    Welcome Welcome to the world of HEAVY METAL.
  7. CajunM35A2

    piston photos - cracks, chips, etc

    injectors; fuel ip See my post above about injectors. The fuel IP has been changed with a fresh rebuilt one at the start of this process.
  8. CajunM35A2

    piston photos - cracks, chips, etc

    injectors tested Thanks for the comments. Yes, I had the injectors tested. No. 6 was shot. The no. 6 piston is not one of these, but I did post a photo of it a few weeks back. I have the 5 injectors that tested good and a new one to replace the bad one. The heads were all rebuilt at a...
  9. CajunM35A2

    piston photos - cracks, chips, etc

    Please take a look at these photos and provide feedback: This piston has a small chip or crack This other piston has a small chip or crack as well The radius going into the center hole on this piston is sharper than the radius of the piston shown in the photo below. I have two that look...
  10. CajunM35A2

    Mule with M66 ring mount

    Trays, rings I am also looking for a tray. I have an extra ring and some legs, but the legs are not great.
  11. CajunM35A2

    Memorial Day 2011 - Post HERE !

    My Memorial Day As you know from my posts, my M35A2 is still not back up and running. The mechanic did not show this weekend, so we worked on other things; we began the resuscitation of an M66 ring and legs to install on the truck. My wife and her friend went to the D-Day museum in New...
  12. CajunM35A2

    New Shelters

    Beans? must be cooking beans.....:-D
  13. CajunM35A2

    Help NEEDED!!!!

    Deuces There are two kinds of owners: Those who have spent a bucket of money on repairs, and Those who will but do not yet know it.
  14. CajunM35A2

    Help NEEDED!!!!

    I did not quite get that... Is it: and over over? over over and? or over and over? I can feel his pain as a new guy. Some of the responses on here when I first joined were a tad.......disappointing. I guess that is the tuition for this website. That being said, many were helpful while...
  15. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    I do too You have to understand the psyche of the men in the 159th TFG at that time in the 1980's. Almost all were VietNam veterans, who were flying the same birds (F4C's) that they flew in Vietnam. These guys would go to the various war games and beat the younger guys with their F16's, F14's...
  16. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    Coonass Militia Shoulder Patch This is another piece from my collection: This is an original Coonass Militia shoulder patch.
  17. CajunM35A2

    Coonass Militia intercepts Russian Bear

    1984 - Louisiana's 159th TFG "Coonass Militia" flying F4C Phantom II during Iceland deployment intercepts Russian Bear bomber Notice COONASS MILITIA on the F4C's tail!
  18. CajunM35A2

    40th Anniversary of Doolittle Raid

    This is from my stash from 1982: To put this in perspective: Those were 40 year old B-25 Mitchell bombers doing a fly-by of the US Capital. Do you think that today, we with our 40 year old M35A2's would be allowed to do a ground level but similar tribute to the Vietnam War veterans?
  19. CajunM35A2

    Scenes from 1984 NAS New Orleans Air Show

    Here are some scenes from the 1984 NAS New Orleans Air Show...back when you really, REALLY got to see action at an air show. I served as Wing Leader of the Chennault Wing of the Confederate Air Force at that time.
  20. CajunM35A2

    Louisiana guys

    I wish I could go... The replacement sleeves are going into the engine of "Lil' Red" on Saturday. The heads have gone BACK to the shop because they became rust balls before we could get them back on the truck. I have decided to paint the heads and valve covers RED when the heads come back...
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