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  1. Billy Bobbed

    Spring Seat Adjustment

    I've had my truck for a year and a half now still trying to get my seat adjusted right.I have a few humps in the road on the way to and from work that makes me fell I'm going to eject out of the truck.I know were the the humps are and I hold the steering wheel to slow the jar.If I soften the...
  2. Billy Bobbed

    Chinese military radios

    Does anyone have any knowledge on these radios.Rather cheap for new.Be nice if you can take off the chineses writing.Just would use it for display.Hope this is alright item is over. Chinese Military Type 102E Radio Set - eBay (item 290545432210 end time Mar-16-11 17:16:13 PDT)=
  3. Billy Bobbed

    Hood Ornament

    Well I got bored and was wondering what a hood onament would look like on a deuce,never had a vehicle with one.I looked on here a dont see any,so this must not be a good idea.But I was wondering if anyone came up with a good one.I know alot of semis have them,Mack is the best with the bull...
  4. Billy Bobbed

    Gov. rebuild M35A3 from a M35A2

    Original built 1980 as M35A2 with 19,993 original miles Rebuilt 1995 M35A3 by US Gov issued to the WV ARNG I seen this in a listing,did they do this.:shock:
  5. Billy Bobbed

    OMG the color

    Have you seen this deuce yet.People that want to paint their truck need to ask their friends if this color would look good before they paint it.:doh:Here are few inside pictures but not the truck because its being sold.
  6. Billy Bobbed

    Up to date military radio

    I was wondering what radio I can get that can receive military communication,I know you have to have a license to talk.I dont want to talk just listen in.But if I had to I can talk.I have 2 MX-6707 antennas.Im wanting to put it under my passenger seat.And nothing real expensive.Their are so many...
  7. Billy Bobbed

    Deuce Air horn Prices

    What is going on with the prices of the deuce air horn.I saw an air horn on Ebay sell for $550.Im seeing some on there now still bidding at $330,am I missing something.Is there something different with the ones they are selling.
  8. Billy Bobbed

    Military Antenna on a Deuce

    Im thinking of putting one or 2 VRC military antennas on my truck for show,but was wondering were to put them.You barely see any trucks with any kind of antenna on them.Did these trucks have a certain place the antenna was located.I was thinking of mounting them on each side of the bed.And was...
  9. Billy Bobbed

    Windshield Washer

    Has anyone installed one of these windshield washers on their truck.I just wanted to know if they work very well,sense they are a hand pump and not an electric pump.Does it seem to spray on the windshield very well.Looks to be an easy install.Id like to get one for winter,they like to lay alot...
  10. Billy Bobbed

    Pinion Brake

    I was just wondering if anyone is running a pinion brake on the rear for extra braking.This is going on a bobbed deuce with 46" tires.I was going to work the other day and had to hit the brakes as hard as I could and it didnt bark any of the tires.I was going to plum the caliper into the...
  11. Billy Bobbed

    Installing a yukon locker

    Im getting ready to install a yukon locker in the rear of my bobbed deuce with a M105A trailer bed and trailer springs.I dont know if anyone has tried to drill a small hole in the bed and run a small cable down to the center section,then to an engine host in the bed.What I need to know will...
  12. Billy Bobbed

    Dead Storage

    The bone yard near Davis Montan Air Force Base Tuscan,Arizona.It is difficult to comprehend the number of military aircraft in dead storage until you see these photographs.
  13. Billy Bobbed

    Cargo gate

    How many knew this is were your cargo gate goes when you dont need it.:doh: I saw this truck on the net.My gate is at the shop so I used this photo.
  14. Billy Bobbed

    Turbo Boost Gauge

    I finally got to put my new turbo boost gauge on today.The gauge only goes to 10 pounds of boost.I didnt think it would go past 10,well it does.If you look at the top of the gauge there is a 20,it will almost hit it at 2200 RPMs.The 20 is from the vacuum side.The left side is vacuum,the right...
  15. Billy Bobbed

    24V Digital Pyrometer

    Has anyone else installed a 24 volt digital pyrometer.Are you getting the right readings off of it.I installed mine yesterday and was trying it out today.When I first start the truck im getting a 0 to 30 reading,but when im driving the truck it goes up fast.With the engine temp at about 165...
  16. Billy Bobbed

    M105 trailer with solar panels

    I just bought this trailer and it had solar panels scewed on the front of it.Can anyone tell me anything about what this trailer was used for.I took the panels off to clean them and to see if they work and they do.Do these solar panels look like they came from the military or you think someone...
  17. Billy Bobbed

    I found a V8 Deuse

    Ok guys heres the V-8 deuse I told you guys about in the mess tent.I cant tell what kind of engine it is.I checked it, it has a 4 speed hooked to a factory trans case.It has a pto pump on it.I hope the pictures come out right already opened.I dont know the year,but headlights are down farther...
  18. Billy Bobbed

    How many of these have you seen

    My father in law sent me this picture.
  19. Billy Bobbed

    Deuce at the Prom

    My daughters car broke down so I went to help her.When I got there she had her new boyfriend and his friend.When I drove up there mouths wide open and drulling.They talked about my truck the hole time.So I got her car fixed and went home.When she got home she told me her new boyfiend said it...
  20. Billy Bobbed

    Second Gear

    I have a 46 inch tire bobbed deuce.I take off in second gear instead of 1st gear.Im having trouble sometimes getting it in second gear when I set at a stop light.When I try to put it in second, it sometimes goes in, or about half way in, or not at all.So I go up and down from second and 3rd gear...
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