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  1. RangerBob

    Alaska Track Association

    Big things are in the works. A group of tracked rig owners, in confederation with the Alaska Moose Federation, has formed an association to promote tracked rigs throughout the state of Alaska. For now they are leasing a facility in Palmer, AK where the members can store and maintain their rigs...
  2. RangerBob

    U-2 Ground Ops

    Stumbled across this video while looking for Lancair videos. Launching and recovering U-2s with Pontiac G8s as chase cars. Nice recovery view at 3:40.
  3. RangerBob

    45Yrs Underground

    In the area of curiosities, I have just recovered this device from where the USAF entombed it in 1969. I'll let a few folks guess as to what it is before I spill the beans. For scaling, it's about 10ft long, 8-12in in diameter, and maybe 400lbs. I have named it 'Jed'. Next week I will try to...
  4. RangerBob

    USAF Thiokol 4T10

    What the heck, over? Still no military snowcat forum?!?! Well, here's yet another thread of a military snowcat!!! I hope this poor girl is soon to be mine. She was spotted about 6yrs ago (2008), but I couldn't find anyone to ask about her. About a year later, a co-worker happened by the same...
  5. RangerBob

    Site Time Zone?

    Either the site time zone is off/incorrect, or my profile setting has me in Nova Scotia. Currently in MS with a local time of 0940, but SS posts are showing as 1140. DST? :-? No biggie, just wondering.
  6. RangerBob

    Yukon Model M1950 Multifuel Stove

    Oh so many moons ago, this airman was sequestered to northern Alaska, on the side of a mountain, in not much more than a portable meat locker. Quietly keeping tabs on Ivan and other ne'er-do-wells, 'feasting' on LRPs, counting the days until the return of the Jolly Green, and listening to the...
  7. RangerBob

    HAARP and the Space Fence

    In my current job I tend to get around. A few years ago it took me to the USAF Space Fence receiving station near Elephant Butte, NM. And last month I ended up at HAARP near Gakona, AK. So I thought you Pingers and BEEPs out there might like to see a few pictures of some really big antennas (uh...
  8. RangerBob

    This Might be a Military Snowcat...

    I'm in Cooperstown, NY tonight positioned for an early morning retrieval. It's not like I need YET ANOTHER SNOWCAT :doh:, but they took my offer and I'm forced to haul her off. :mrgreen: After a look-over a couple of weeks ago, I could not determine for sure if she is ex-military, but...
  9. RangerBob

    FS595C and the Real World

    I wish there was a correlation between the FS595 color codes and the real world, but there is not. It would make it a lot easier and cheaper to match paint, especially for those overseas owners of US MVs. Our overseas enthusiasts have a similar problem with their 'standards', RAL and BS381c...
  10. RangerBob

    Mansfield Bars

    I bet you clicked here because you thought it had something to do with drinking, huh? Sorry, no. :-P I did my searching and only came up with a couple of hits. One about the PA DoT claiming one was needed during a stop and another regarding a registration inspection in CT, so now I'm asking...
  11. RangerBob

    Picked Up a Pair of MEP-701As

    On my way from Atlanta to Albuquerque for Christmas break, I detoured through Baton Rouge and picked up a couple of presents from derf. Thanks derf!! After a quick function check, we loaded these bad boys into the back of my work truck with only a wee bit of drama. Night ops can be a...
  12. RangerBob

    M22 Locust about to be scrapped...

    I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy... Anyway, he says a scrapper has offered to sell him an M22 Locust that the scrapper is suppose to cut up for the current owner in compliance with govt instructions. The big question it possible to have mandatory scrapping order rescinded...
  13. RangerBob

    M43 - Trenton, Me to Berlin, NH or... any intermediate stop. Need it moved before this weekend or I'll have to shell out some big bucks to get it off the previous owners property. I have no truck, trailer, or time to do it myself. It weighs 7500lbs, so a uhaul auto trailer rated for 5500ish is out or I'd have rented one and...
  14. RangerBob

    M35A2 from Southern NY to Northern NH

    At about 1400EST tomorrow I will begin driving my new deuce from a friends place in southern NY to my place in northern NH. In order to do this I had to just drop everything at work and will have to pay for it later, but I've got to get this move done ASAP. Being unfamiliar with the truck, I...
  15. RangerBob

    USAF Tucker 743

    I had a nice surprise last week. While looking over the inventory of military snowcats, comm shelters, etc of a highly respected snowcat dealer/restorer in MN (he told me to say that), I stumbled across this little gem. I had no idea Tucker produced snowcats ('Sno-Cats' in Tuckereese) for the...
  16. RangerBob

    La Junta, CO

    I visited this place a few years ago. The Unimog inventory has probably rotated since I was there, but I'm sure most of the 'salvageable' vehicles are still there. Colorado Unimogs - La Junta (60 miles east of Pueblo) Colorado Phone: 719/384-0882 Alt. Phone: 719/241-5419 Ask for: Rob Address...
  17. RangerBob

    The Mighty Musk Ox

    Info and pictures of a rare 'little' tracked vehicle for your perusal, From the govt auction: From the guy that bought it: Despite what was said above, I think this was really built for the USAF. Sure looks faded strata blue to me! If you find yourself near Brainerd, MN, you can make...
  18. RangerBob

    USAF Ground Vehicle Registration Numbers

    Most USAF vehicles have a registration number on their door and/or license plate. The number is usually in the format YYUNNNNN, with YY the year the vehicle was procured, U being the intended use of the vehicle, and NNNNN being 1-5 digits identifying the serial number of the vehicle (or more...
  19. RangerBob

    Weiser, ID

    Spotted this a couple of years ago somewhere near Weiser, ID. I don't know if anything is for sale or just someones collection, but they are in pretty rough shape. Parts is parts, I guess.
  20. RangerBob

    USAF Strata Blue and Insignia Yellow

    I've seen a few stray posts discussing the correct USAF blue and yellow colors, so I thought I'd post the definitive answer here, with samples and links to the federal standards and a source for chips. Strata Blue FED-STD-595 Federal Standard 595 Color FS 15045 Insignia Yellow FED-STD-595...
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