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  1. kzeyus

    Steering Shaft Seal

    My steering shaft seal #24 in drawing (red arrow) is torn and letting a lot of air into the cab, so plan to replace it. Part # 21 and #23 (blue arrow) says in TM USBL EFF 46162 1 AND ABOVE Which I take to mean only apply to vehicles above a certain serial number or something - can anyone...
  2. kzeyus

    M35A2 Busted waterpump on Florida, Georgia Line Assistance needed - Dorian Response

    Posting this from facebook group at OP request. Contact Info: Hi all.. was referred to this group by one of the members... ***part needed*** ASAP‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Have an emergency and I really need help please. I belong to an Animal Rescue Organization...
  3. kzeyus

    Milemarker Winch ID

    Need a little help with ID and info on a milemarker winch I wish to mount to front of my HMMWV. Been searching, but not finding much on this model. Note it's the reverse layout of the normal front winch with controls to right and motor to left when looking from front of truck. It did not come...
  4. kzeyus

    If you break down in NW Arkansas

    Sharing in case it might help someone in the region out. Zack is a National Guard wheeled vehicle mechanic and knows his way around military vehicles. Have recently used him for work on my HMMWV and was pleased with his services. Offers mobile mechanic services from the NW Arkansas area.
  5. kzeyus

    TB 9-2510-251-13 Air Conditioning install for Add-on-Armor Hmmwvs

    This might be a good addition to the TM's if someone can move it there
  6. kzeyus

    Helmet Top A/C Condensor mounting

    Was this type or similar swing out type of condenser mount for a helmet top supplied by red dot, or were they fabbed up? Not wild about mounting it up top where it will get drug thru tree limbs etc.
  7. kzeyus

    Alternator Questions

    Working on a 1986 M998 with 6.5 GEP and 200amp dual voltage alternator. Been working great, but on thirty mile trip to town this week, voltage dropped into yellow near the end of the trip. I have the 14v tap routed to the + post of rear battery and 12v accessories such as radio and emergency...
  8. kzeyus

    Fire Dept Hmmwv

    Piney Point Fire Dept (near Rogers, AR) recently acquired two hmmwvs for use as Quick Response/Rescue vehicles. Piney Point has the largest response area in Arkansas with hilly terrain, low water crossings, and many unpaved roads. I'll be primary operator/mechanic for this unit and have already...
  9. kzeyus

    Ramsey RE12000 Winch

    Have an opportunity to pick up a used Ramsey RE12000 24v pulled from a HMMWV. Done a few searches and I don't seem to find this winch mentioned much - is there a reason for that? Problems with it or just rare or ? Are mounts available for this unit for an M998?
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