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  1. WildernessJeep

    Rattle at highway speed- Engine Governor?

    My 1984 M936 has a terrible rattle at highway speed- but only when the engine is at governor and I go down a slight downhill. At normal cruise it's fine, but when I go to a slight downhill--only enough to put the engine/driveline in a neutral load-- it will rattle like a bunch of bolts in a...
  2. WildernessJeep

    Fermont 804B Resistor Missing-- Do I have to replace voltage regulator too?

    I have a Fermont 804B that I'm raising from the dead. The engine starts and runs, and I've replaced the missing gauges. I can't get it to generate electricity, I suspect because the resistor to the "frequency" is missing. From my research, I understand that I have to replace the voltage...
  3. WildernessJeep

    More cushin' for the pushin'- Need new seat covers

    I need to replace both my driver's seat bottom (suspension seat), and the passenger bench seat bottom and back rest. That would only leave the driver's seat backrest as old, and I would just swap all of them out. Has anyone done a recover? I can buy covers from Midwest, but only some are in...
  4. WildernessJeep

    Stuck M936

    I got my M936 slightly stuck this weekend. There was a big tree to the rear, but I couldn't winch to it because ALL the wheels lock with the crane in gear. Has anyone figured out a way to bypass the wheel brakes with the crane in gear?
  5. WildernessJeep

    M936 Wrecker Hydraulic Fluid Civilian Counterpart

    Hey guys I'm out in the field and need to add hydraulic fluid to my 1984 m936 medium duty Wrecker. I've looked at the lubricating order and it seems to want me to use a hundred gallons of engine oil (OE/HDO). Does anyone have a civilian counterpart or hydraulic type that will work well in this...
  6. WildernessJeep

    M939 Bumper and fender in Alabama needs a ride to Houston

    I bought a new front bumper and right fender for my damaged ones. it'll fit on most any trailer or in a pickup bed. Anyone headed west they could pick it up and drop off? Time isn't terribly critical.
  7. WildernessJeep

    What's wrong with this NHC 250?

    As many of you know, I had a sleeve slip on my 1984 M936 Wrecker with a NHC 250. Honestly the motor ran perfectly until then. I paid a guy to do an in-frame to replace that sleeve. He had it purring like a kitten. It again ran perfectly. Then I drove it ten miles and slipped two more...
  8. WildernessJeep

    Fermont 804-B Engine Control Module Needed

    I'm looking for the Engine Governor Control Module for my 2010 Fermont 804-B with the Yanmar Turbo Diesel, NSN: 2910-01-371-4356. It is also known as a Woodward Controls, part no 8270-1003. I can't find it anywhere, and my generator is useless without it. Anyone have a lead on a cross-fit...
  9. WildernessJeep

    M936 Warning Light won't turn with LED's??

    I have a Deitz 7-40 rotating warning beacon on my M936 wrecker. First, I had to rewire almost the whole bed. Now I have the work lights working with LED's installed in each, and I have 24 volts to the warning light plug. Both light systems even turn on and off with the dash switches! So, me...
  10. WildernessJeep

    Front bumper step?

    Does anyone have a picture of this installed?
  11. WildernessJeep

    804-B goes clicky, no starty. Starter motor turns over w/ dead man switch

    My 804-B (2010 w/ ~600 hours on the clock) is new to me. I'm not a generator guy. I have drained and replaced all the fluids and filters I could find, including fresh fuel. Went to start it and only got a "click". I thought it was the starter solenoid, which is what was clicking without...
  12. WildernessJeep

    Push button headlight switch?

    Does anyone have any experience with the new push-button headlight switches? My headlight switch is out and I need to replace it. Trying to decide if I want to do the upgrade, or stick with factory.
  13. WildernessJeep

    What's this do on my 936 Wrecker?

    I got my wrecker with none of the BII, and have been trying to put it back to mostly correct. What's this vertical post in the center of the picture? It's between the rear hydraulic winch and controls. Looks like some BII mounts there somehow, but what? Seems pretty stout, and doesn't appear...
  14. WildernessJeep

    Rebuilt Motor made it a mile.

    Man I was excited. Finally, got my truck all finished. The mechanic said come get it. She was purring like a kitten. Sounded great. Ran it up to operating temp, checked the coolant and oil. All seemed well. Made it a mile. Now the motor sounds really, really bad. Towed it back to...
  15. WildernessJeep

    Three Ring Pistons v. Four Ring Pistons?

    Working on putting this M936 together after a sleeve came apart. The parts house says they can only find three ring pistons to go back in. Four ring pistons came out. The guy says there will be no difference and the three ring piston will work just fine (if not better) than the other five...
  16. WildernessJeep

    804 won't turn over, new batteries, pump pulls prime, just a "click".

    I have an MEP-804B (??) Fermont 15Kw generator with the yanmar turbo diesel. I changed all the fluids and filters, bought two new batteries and a couple of missing gauges. Got everything ready, hit the starter and all I get is a "click" from the left driver's side firewall. It looks like a...
  17. WildernessJeep

    Cushion Fabric?

    I have an M936, the seat is badly faded (to NATO blue), and torn. I've got a good upholstery guy local that says he can recover the seats, but I wanted to make sure I use original military cloth (or close to it). Anyone got a source for the seat fabric?
  18. WildernessJeep

    Dummy load?

    How are you guys putting a "dummy load" on your generators? I've got an 804 that is about ready to start running and testing, but I want to run it up to test the operation prior to plugging it in to something it might damage.
  19. WildernessJeep

    Deep Water Fording Kit on M936

    While my truck is awaiting a new cylinder, I was reading the TM's and found that many M939 series trucks have a "deep water fording kit", with a lever on the dash to activate the deep water kit. Apparently it blows vent tubes with positive pressure while in deep water. My M936 came with a deep...
  20. WildernessJeep

    My awesome new PLATINUM motor oil!!!! Now my engine is making the bad noises.

    I got the M936 about a month ago and changed all fluids and filters upon arrival. We drove it around the neighborhood a few times with no problems. I even got to use the crane a couple of times! Then I took it on a 5 mile highway trip, going about 55 mph (not floored). About halfway back, I...
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