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  1. gasser

    A/C ..... hot topic ;-)

    Ok ok ok ... I know the topic of retro-fitting A/C has been covered here in a few different approaches, but since now I am in a part of the country that needs A/C for like 10 out of the 12 months, I think it's time I start looking into doing this. I saw a post sometime ago ... and I can't find...
  2. gasser

    'Deuce' internet domain for sale ...

    Hi all, I have a domain name that I would like to sell; $10 bucks gets it registered in your name and includes 1 years registration. You can keep it with my registrar or you can transfer it out. I will also throw in webhosting with email for $5.00 a month. PM me if you are...
  3. gasser

    Military Affiliate Radio System -- anyone here a member

    I came across MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System), . Is anyone here a member of MARS (any branch)? If so, how long have you been a member? How often do you participate on routine/non-routine events? What kind of radios are...
  4. gasser

    2007 East Coast Convoy T-shirts - order up!

    All, 2007 East Coast Convoy t-shirts are ready to be ordered - details here: Payment is preferred via PayPal and payable to Cabell ( You can pick 'em up at Aberdeen or get it shipped to ya for a few bucks more. Remember, it's also...
  5. gasser

    M1009 front drive shaft going to a M1008

    Quick question - with the front axle difference between the M1009 and M1008; if a front drive shaft from a m1009 was going to be used on a m1008 - what type of things would need to be done? Or this type of thing isn't doable? Thanks for any help, -graham
  6. gasser


  7. gasser

    Another 1986 M1009 - have to sell it though

    Hiya all, I got the truck on Friday staight from the GSA. It appears to be a headquarters truck for the Florida National Guard in Southern Florida. Overall, its in good shape. Starts right up and drives pretty good. I have taken it up to about 50 and it steers, shifts and brakes just fine...
  8. gasser

    CUCV addiction ....

    So, I really do have a CUCV problem. I purchased another one today from the GSA here in GA. Truck appears to be in good condition, and apparently runs as well. There is a little rust reported around the top of the door frame. I will be picking it up in the upcoming days. I am really only...
  9. gasser

    GSA Auction - 1955 Reo 6x6 with crane

    Interesting; came across this beauty on GSA's auction site ... --> Construction Equipment --> 1955 REO TRUCK WITH MOUNTED CRANE . Attached is a pic. Enjoy. -graham
  10. gasser

    M101 finally gets the attention ....

    I guess I am tootin' my own horn (or my wife would stay strokin' it), anyhoo, with the help of Cabell's website and George from the mil-veh list, I was able to get my trailer back into complete order. Cabell had excellent instructions on creating the wood bows and I was able to locate NOS bow...
  11. gasser

    Trans R&R

    My transmission in the M1009 has finally given up and its time to R&R it. I do have another TH400 in my parts truck that I can use, however I don't know the condition of it and I would hate to put it in to only have to take it out in a few months. Has anyone complete taken out, rebuild the...
  12. gasser

    Need sectional Antenna for MX 6707 base

    I need the sectional antenna for a MX6707 base. Any leads? I would rather buy from an SS member opposed to eBay ..... -graham
  13. gasser

    Gasser's CUCV Car lot

    Triplets .... love em'. So, it was one of those deals you see on GL where you think "God, only that much ?!?!". I was already bidding on a 'parts' truck so backfill some needed and 'nice-to-have' parts, however came across another beauty. Both at the Montgomery National Guard. I bid on it as...
  14. gasser

    Anyone in the Montgomery AL area and has room for a CUCV ...

    Hi All, I just bought two CUCV m1009's from GL out of Montgomery and will not have enough time to get them both off base and to Atlanta in one day. I would like to keep one there, off-base in Montegomery for an extra week and come back on a Saturday and get it. Does anyone have property in...
  15. gasser

    Rear tailgate window - from manual to power

    Ok, and I don't know why, but I really would like to put in a rear tailgate power regulator and motor. It's not that I will be removing the manual out, GL or DRMO already has done that for me :x - so I get to start off fresh. Has anyone done such a conversion that can share any quarks or...
  16. gasser

    A Little Southern Green-Iron Meeting -- Sept. 30th

    We will be having a get-together over at Clintos this Saturday, the 30th. Afternoon cook-out, enjoying each other's company and of course, our trucks. Clinto's vast-estate is East of Winder, GA (30666) - specifically in the area of Hwy 316 and Wall Road. If you are planning on joining us...
  17. gasser

    Looking for Exide 6TL 's or equivalent in Atlanta area

    Hiya, Looking for a set of Exide's 6TL or equivalent here in Atlanta area. Does anyone have a good source of these? If not, what about a battery that is somewhat similiar in size, to fit in the CUCV battery trays? Thanks! -graham
  18. gasser

    Need Engine oil cooler lines

    Folks, I posted on Mil-Veh and checked with the normal vendors, so far no luck and would thought to post here for one last ditch effort .... I need the engine oil cooler lines for a CUCV (86 M1009). Anyone got an extra set? If so, and you want to part with them - PM me. Cash in hand. Thanks...
  19. gasser

    Towing a M1009 behind another M1009

    So, as some of you know, I picked up another M1009 out of Florida. Builder77 had a towbar that needed to be picked up down there as well, so it was perfect timing. Builder77 also sent down spacers to be used (which I forgot to use for the first leg of the trip - led to an nerve-wrecking...
  20. gasser

    my new trailer

    A few days ago I made the trip over to Anniston, AL to the Army Depot to pick up my new M101A1 trailer from a recent GL auction. For the most part, I am pretty stoked with the purchase - all the lights and handbrakes work. Has the sides and the rear gate. Except for a few rust spots, it's...
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