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  1. Monkeyboyarmy

    Anyone near Vienna, Ga?

    Bought a John Deere zero turn down there and looking to get it moved so I can come down on a weekend or something. Anyone near Vienna?
  2. Monkeyboyarmy

    MTVR questions

    Since there isn't much for manuals around, got some questions. My information module says "boost pressure sensor circuit open" . Sounds reasonable since it's not plugged in. I don't see wires or a plug for it. Can someone take a look to see where the wires lead into the harness?
  3. Monkeyboyarmy

    Anyone headed to Yermo? MK23

    Bought a 7 ton a month ago and of course still waiting for any movement on my EUC. Anyone headed over there that could check the truck out? I'll be looking for shipping or any assistance available to get it to Ohio. Just trying to prepare a little bit before they throw 10 days to remove it. Thanks
  4. Monkeyboyarmy

    Lansing Michigan

    Anyone near or headed to Gov Planet Lansing soon? Looks like I have a 1031 I need to move out of there.
  5. Monkeyboyarmy

    Assistance Camp Hill, Alabama

    Looks like I was the high bidder on a rough terrain forklift in Camp Hill. It's a MHE270 4K. I may need help either trying to get it to run to load it or help moving it to load it. I need to talk to the custodian on Monday to see what needs to happen. It will be heading to Ohio. Thanks, Greg
  6. Monkeyboyarmy

    Assistance 1 ton service truck Miami, Fl

    Wondering if anyone near Miami can recover and maybe store for a short period a 2001 Chevy C3500HD service truck. Does not run at this time. Would have to be moved by the end of next week. The auction is giving me a second chance offer and I'm checking all of my options.
  7. Monkeyboyarmy

    Set of ramps, San Antonio,Tx to Ohio

    Set of ramps, Houston,Tx to Ohio Looking at trying to get a set of ramps from NDT in Houston, Tx. closer to ohio. 10 ft long, probably a couple hundred pounds each. No hurry.
  8. Monkeyboyarmy

    St. Louis Mo. assistance

    Non mv related this time unfortunately but is there anyone in the St. Louis, Mo. area that can move a Chevy 3500hd service truck off site? Of course they are only open weekdays and i would like to come out during the weekend to recover it.
  9. Monkeyboyarmy

    Martinsville, In. M373 trailer relocate

    Looking to see if anyone can move a M373 semi trailer off of the gsa site so I can get it on a weekend. Located in Martinsville, Indiana.
  10. Monkeyboyarmy

    Tyrone, Ok to Ohio 1 pallet 640 pounds

    Looking to see if I can get this moved via SS members. I have a pallet with 2 spools of cable and a box of door glass that weighs 640 pounds. Located in Tyrone, Oklahoma and needs to eventually end up east of Cleveland. But anywhere in Ohio would work.
  11. Monkeyboyarmy

    CUCV II voltage converter

    Anyone have a picture of the voltage converter for the 24 volt side of the system? I think it is behind the seat and mine is missing.
  12. Monkeyboyarmy

    M936A2 recovery Hattiesburg,Ms to N.E. Ohio

    Wanted to make it down to the meet-n-greet last weekend but couldn't make it. So now the plan is to drive down Thursday, do some repairs early Friday and start the trip back. It's only 999 miles each way. Can I get some if you guys to sit by the road in your lawn chairs and wave as I go by?
  13. Monkeyboyarmy

    73 mph M1008

    Brought a cucv back from Pontiac Mi yesterday. Got it up to 73 mph. That's pretty good aint it?
  14. Monkeyboyarmy

    New Castle, De. 923A2 removal

    I had intentions of getting this truck before starting my new job. But couldn't get any time off. My last day for removal is Friday. I will be in Florida for work until Tuesday the 8th. Looking for a towing company close by or someone that can get it off the lot. It is listed as a non-runner.
  15. Monkeyboyarmy

    8 HMMWV tires and wheels OKC to Ohio

    Picked up 2 lots of tires mounted on wheels in Oklahoma City. They need to head east to N.E. Ohio or Northern Virginia. Going to check with Uship too.Any one heading over to pick up their tires?
  16. Monkeyboyarmy

    M1009 3-wheeler?

    I knew that you could do this with a mule but I had to try it with a M1009. Friday afternoon I towed this cucv back to Ohio from Va.. I forgot to throw one of the bosses spare tires in the back before I left. These flat tow very well and I had no issues until the left front tire blew...
  17. Monkeyboyarmy

    Pick up and ship at OK City

    I won a lot of (4) turbos out of Oklahoma City. I have sent my info to a the shipping companies listd to get a quote. Is anyone else headed over to pick up that may want to get these to Ohio via UPS or mail? Thanks
  18. Monkeyboyarmy

    M54A1 Mack manufacturer info needed

    I am trying to figure out who manufactured this truck. CARNAC gave me all of the info that he had (thank you sir) which is it was built in 1969 with a serial number of M725 10601. There is no manufacturer listed. The truck was rebuilt in 1975 and was given another serial number of 05C-21769-M725...
  19. Monkeyboyarmy

    M35A3 at Warner Robins,Ga.

    Well my bidding fingers got the best of me yesterday. Bought an A3 at Warner Robins. It has 4 flat tires and does not run. They said that it turns over but will not start. I am looking for someone that might be able to move it off base so that I can get it running to drive back north. I will...
  20. Monkeyboyarmy

    M886 surgical light bulb number

    Does anyone know what the flourescent bulb number is for the ambulance surgical light? My fixture is the single pin style and measures about 44-45 inches. The only bulbs I see are 42 or 48 inches.
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