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  1. turbinesurgun

    Led taillight upgrade issues.

    I've searched and asked fb forums with no luck. Put on the grote led taillight covers today on my 998 and won the 3 lever switch in stop/turn I'm getting enough voltage to light the led's up when I should have no light at all. Do I need to have some resistors added? I'm ready to give up on the...
  2. turbinesurgun

    Allison conversion to ATF

    I have a 932a2 and a m109a4. Both are due services and I want to begin the conversion to ATF. What brand hydraulic fluid do you guys recommend? I have some Kubota fluid that is supposed to be top notch but I want your guys input. Thanks in advance
  3. turbinesurgun

    109 box camper conversion pics

    So I'm getting a 109a4 next week. Camper conversion has a pretty good start on it. I saw another post but it is 50+ pages with pics scattered where it's too hard to see pics. I hear a couple of you guys have done this and I would love to see your pics
  4. turbinesurgun

    Light plug adapter m932a2

    Does anyone make a plug to go from the big military light plug to civilian style? I know the 24-12 volt issue just wondering
  5. turbinesurgun

    5 ton recovery ft Polk

    I've bought a 923 at Ft Polk la and didn't realize it said the transmission was slipping. Do any of you guys have a tow bar I could beg borrow rent buy etc to get this thing home to south ms? 2nd question is what all is required to tow it as far as caging brakes/transfer case/transmission...
  6. turbinesurgun

    M1009 green spray in liner?

    Has anyone done this in green? Any pics? Thanks in advance. Thinking black would make hot even hotter
  7. turbinesurgun

    M1009 seat covers

    Haven't been on here in a while. Sold my 1009 and regretted it the whole time. A week ago the guy I sold it to called and said he was selling and asked if I wanted it back. My answer **** YEAH. So I'm looking for the canvas seat covers if anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance
  8. turbinesurgun

    possible to weld differential in m1009 gov lock

    Is it possible to weld the rear diff in my 1009? apparently i was supposed to add limited slip additive and didnt know it and screwed my limited slip up. Any help, suggestions, and pics would be greatly appreciated
  9. turbinesurgun

    m1009 vibration

    1009 vibraton. 1986 m1009, when i accellerate the truck shudders and vibrates a little bit in the back. i checked universal joints but they are all tight. cruising speed is fine. any suggestions? thanks in advance
  10. turbinesurgun

    Tan CUCV Pictures

    I have a 1986 1009. I spent ten years in the guard full time before i had to medically retire because of diabetes. I have a gallon of tan paint and would love to see pics of you guys rides before i bring the paint gun out. Thanks in advance
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