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  1. Valor

    pyrometer probe location

    Hello all. I'm getting ready to install an EGT gauge to my M923A2 engine and was wondering where to place the thermocouple probe. Here is a pic of my exhaust manifold with an area that I highlighted in white as a possible location. Any thoughts?
  2. Valor

    Mixing tire brands on truck

    Was wondering if it's okay to mix Goodyear AT2 tires with Michelin X especially on rear axles. All tires are 14X20. I couldn't find anything mentioned about this in TM 9-2320-272-10. It only mentioned tread patterns can be mixed. I'm changing out some dry rot tires. It had michelin xl tires...
  3. Valor

    Allison MT654CR oil leak

    I have an Allison MT-654CR trans that is leaking out of a small black tube at the rear of the trans tailshaft. Does anyone know what this tube goes to and why it might be leaking fluid? The truck is a 1990 BMY M923A2. Thanks for your help.
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