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  1. WOLF

    What's it take to modify M35 A2C to waste veg oil ?

    I've been running 30% filtered veg oil in a number of trucks in the warm months here in Minnesota but I would like to run a heated seperate tank system in the future . Has anyone done this and if so will you tell me how to go about it ? Wolf
  2. WOLF

    Diff 5 & 10 KW Libby Diesel Generator- Onin 2 & 4 Cy

    Does anyone know the difference between the 5 and 10 KW Diesel generators ? This is the air cooled 2 and 4 cylinder . I am currious as to look at them the only difference is the engines and one skid is longer to accomedate the longer block . I am interested because I have a new 10 K engine and a...
  3. WOLF

    Still no fuel to injectors

    Removed stop swirch cover . It moves freely . It is also centered straight up and down and moves to the rear . Not sure if that is correct . Have not found applicable TM yet . Removed center top bolt and tapped on the plunger . I don't think I moved it . I tapped it with a body hammer and a...
  4. WOLF

    M 35 INJECTOR PUMP PROBLEM / Won't allow fuel to injectors

    I think I have a faulty shut off switch on my injector pump . When my truck wouldn't start I found my lift pump to be non functioning so I replaced it . Now I have fuel to the pump but nothing to the injectors . Does any one have an exploded view of this injector pump ? Can I fix the shut off...
  5. WOLF

    Why Doesn't My M35A2 Horn Work ?

    Tell me what to check please
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