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  1. Tinstar

    Need a small airforce?

    You ought to see what the US Army spends. Astronomical doesn't even touch it. Ive seen the amounts. Im not talking about weapons. Just the cost to keep them flying. Add weapon systems and it goes up two fold. Yes Air Force spends 10x more Im sure. Their toys are bigger and faster. Yea...
  2. Tinstar

    Need a small airforce?

    I get asked a lot about when I will get my own helicopter. Been flying them for over 28 years now. I always tell them......never! They usually kinda have a shocked look on their face and ask why not?! My response every time.... ....because I know how much it really cost to fly them! Even...
  3. Tinstar

    Need a small airforce?

    200k is just the tip of the iceberg. You will spend that on each airframe to meet FAA requirements. And thats with no surprises. Customs will be a bear also. Very cool though.
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