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  1. rustystud

    Deuce clutch housing expansion plugs.

    If anyone has tried to find replacements for their clutch shaft expansion plugs you know how hard it is to find them cheap. They are half the thickness of a standard 1.5" expansion plug which makes it even more difficult to find let alone cheap. So I bit the bullet and bought some from "Teds...
  2. rustystud

    Galvanized Deuce Wheels

    Well I finally had it with rusting wheels ! I took off all my wheels and some spares I had laying around (21 total) and busted them down. I kept the good tires and tossed the rest. Then I took my wheels and rings and had them sand blasted. Then I took them to "Seattle Galvanizing" in Arlington...
  3. rustystud

    Milton air chuck and hose.

    Well normally I don't write about items I buy from the classifieds here, but when a really great item at a great price comes along I make an exception. Here is another exception. This is a Milton air chuck and hose and gladhand all for $40.00 ! That's including shipping ! I just received it...
  4. rustystud

    Something a little different here. Military Watches.

    I've gotten myself into another hobby. Collecting antique Hamilton 992 watches. I did not realize until just recently that the military used these watches almost exclusively. Yes they used a few other manufactures, but the Hamilton's where there "go to" watch. I just bought a 1944 official...
  5. rustystud

    Transmission shafts and galling and spalling

    I'm in the process of rebuilding several Spicer 3053 transmissions. I have noticed something on several of my old and new shafts. The older shafts all have larger "bearing" surfaces for the 2nd and 3rd gear. The newer shafts made in the 1980's all have shorter "bearing" surfaces for the gears to...
  6. rustystud

    Special tools/Eastwood Bender

    Well I just got my new bender tool from "Eastwood" and it works great ! I thought I would share what I did today with it. I'm in the process of getting my truck ready for my great expedition and I needed to remount my "Hi-Lift" jack. The old brackets where rusting, so I thought "why not make...
  7. rustystud

    Axle Boots measurements

    This is a general call out to all here. Is anyone replacing their axle boots at this time ? If so can you measure the diameter of the top and bottom grooves the boot sits in. At this time "bulldogger" is attempting to make some boots out of heavy duty "Ballistic Nylon" material. He has a new NOS...
  8. rustystud

    MEP-501 Conversion & Modified Fuel System

    Well I finally got tired of my MEP-501 and decided to convert it to 240 Volts AC, (2KW) . Making it a MEP-531 basically. I also changed out the fuel system. I don't know about all you guys out there running the small Yanmar engines, but every time I replace the fuel filter it is a pain in the...
  9. rustystud

    Front Mounted Tow Bar

    Well I finished my front mounted tow bar. I copied the idea from "Quadjeeper" . At least I believe it was his idea. He used PVC pipe though. I went with galvanized schedule 40 steel pipe. It only dropped my front end 1/16" ! Now I can easily access my tow bar by myself.
  10. rustystud

    Guilty Pleasure

    As some of you remember I was in the process of buying a new Chevy truck. It took six months to get it as everything I wanted on it did not exist on any truck in America. So now I've had the truck for over four weeks and I do love it, but today I was out driving the old 1984 CUCV 1ton dually and...
  11. rustystud

    MEP-501 fuel pump seized.

    I have several MEP-501 and MEP-531 generators. Four to be precise. They have all worked great for years now. So I was surprised to find one of my MEP-501 engines seized the other day. I usually go around and either start-up my engines or just spin them around once a month. This last year though...
  12. rustystud

    DOT vrs Standard Nylon hose

  13. rustystud

    Mounting my S250 shelter on my M105 trailer.

    I'm mounting my S250 shelter into my M105 trailer so it can be used as "tool storage" for when I go on my "Great Adventure" . It needed to be strong enough to hold the weight of the shelter and all the tools securely to the trailer frame. So far I have the metal flat bar (1/2" X 1-1/2"...
  14. rustystud

    Spicer 3053 Second Gear

    This is just a general shout out to all here. Does anyone know who has a Spicer 3053 second gear for sell ? Preferably a NOS one ? I tried all the major venders. Boyce has some but wants over $200.00 ! OUCH ! There has to be someone here who has squirreled away a few to sell. Thanks guys.
  15. rustystud

    Tom's Overdrive kit

    Hello all. Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought "Tom's Overdrive Kit". It came the other day and all I have to say is WOW !!! This is one nice kit! I spent most of my 40 plus years working on trucks as a "gear man" . Transmissions, differentials, transfer-cases and auxiliary drives. In...
  16. rustystud

    Deuce bed Project

    Well I finally got started on cleaning and painting the Deuces bed. After cleaning and then sanding then wiping down the bed and sides I was able to paint it with my two part epoxy primer I bought a while ago. Then after a few days I painted it with colored "Monster Liner". Of course I chose...
  17. rustystud

    Special M35 steering gear project

    Well all the machining is finally done on the steering gear ! It has only taken 5 months ! Now all that time was not spent on my gear alone, but a lot of the research was. I had this idea about using a standard Deuce steering gear in a power steering system. That way there is no special drilling...
  18. rustystud

    Deuce Tailgate Assist

    Over the years people have tried to figure out a simple and cheap way to help lift the Deuce's rear tailgate. A few years ago some said "why can't we use springs to help assist it". The idea got shot down because some said it would not allow the tailgate to fully open. At the time I was still...
  19. rustystud

    What are these parts from my S250 shelter.

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I started cleaning out the S250 shelter I got off auction last summer. There are a few items I don't know what they do. So can someone tell me what these are. These two pictures are of a "mount, resilient" MT-6146/VSQ-1 . So something mounts into it, but what ...
  20. rustystud

    AcuTemp Refrigerator

    I recently bought an "AcuTemp AX56L" HemaCool mobile blood storage and cooling refrigerator from fellow steel soldiers member "firefinder" . It is awesome ! It weighs in at 148 Ibs so it's no light weight, this is a serious piece of equipment. It can operate on 120V A/C, 24V DC, 12V DC and...
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