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  1. rustystud

    Allison 1545 Automatic Transmission Specs

    The return line is located directly behind the breather vent. This is the procedure we used at the transit agency to flush the bus transmissions. Just be careful ! Don't allow the transmission to run dry ! That would destroy your oil pump in a heart beat ! Since I'm pretty sure you don't have...
  2. rustystud

    Air line from compressor to governer

    Yes. That fitting and ferrule can be replaced with any 1/4" air hose line fitting and ferrule. In fact you can keep the fitting and just use a new ferrule and air hose.
  3. rustystud

    M35a2 Wont start

    I posted the factory rebuild procedure in the download section. It is better then the TM's information. Of course you won't see this message for days.
  4. rustystud

    Special M35 steering gear project

    Why are you responding to mypos Why are you responding to my post James ? Trying to get a rise out of me again ? Really lame James. Most of my post was about things Patracy knew about from the past. Things about other members in the past, yet here you are responding. Makes me wonder. You...
  5. rustystud

    Special M35 steering gear project

    Again I have nothing about this site making money. It's supporting a site that allows such blatant favoritism to certain members while others get suspended for trying to defend themselves against lies and personal attacks. For that reason alone I will not "add" any extra profit to it. You know...
  6. rustystud

    Drive line angle

    What What truck do you have ?
  7. rustystud

    m35a3 ,3116 engine mounts .

    Your welcome.
  8. rustystud

    what cordless tool are you using to get your lug nuts off

    Far lighter then my Ingersol Rand 1" impact. That thing weighs in at 30 Ibs. I had some Lug nuts on my old REO M35 that just would not come off with my 3/4" impact. They had been on the truck for decades before I got the truck. So I had to bust them down with the Ingersol Rand. I think I gave...
  9. rustystud

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    I've already come-u I've already come-up with a simple solution, but since this pump is as rare as Hens teeth I don't think anyone would care. Also as mentioned this pump is almost impossible to get parts for. This last week I've been talking with "AmBac" about parts. They told me this pump...
  10. rustystud

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    OK before I go all "Ape Crap" on you, it is your responsibility to know what you have not mine. You did not show us a picture of your injection pump, just some close-ups of the timing marks. You never mentioned anything about a code "G" pump. If you had then I could have told you how to take it...
  11. rustystud

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    Actually I knew how to take it apart since I knew it was a Code "G" pump from the start. Going in blind like you did is a totally different thing. The whole injection pump is in pretty bad shape though. I bought it for the "bridge, cover and stop plate" parts . Also there are a few other parts...
  12. rustystud

    m35a3 ,3116 engine mounts .

    You need to download the TM manuals for the M35A3 truck. The TM 9-2320-386-24P has your part listed as "NSN # 5365-01-092-0154" and the manufactures part number is #12449741 . You need three of them.
  13. rustystud

    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    Yeah, where all going to get hit by this new Artic front coming down. That combined with that stupid swirling storm off the coast will make for some interesting weather this up-coming week ! My bet is on 12" of snow here.
  14. rustystud

    Put on your thinking caps. Oil leaking

    Do you have a part number for this new seal ? I will be replacing mine this up-coming summer.
  15. rustystud

    DIY camper box construction- what sizes/wall thickness steel or alu have you used?

    What is the "West System" ? Also, where in Washington are you and where do you get your supplies?
  16. rustystud

    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    ;-) Looking real good ! Your on the back stretch now ! Don't give up ! Especially as I want that old Hydra-Matic ! ;-)
  17. rustystud

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    That would have been good to know this was a "G" code pump ! I have one on my bench at this very moment.
  18. rustystud

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    The only reason you need to align the red mark is the "Quill Shaft" has a cover on it with a "half moon" cut-out. This cut-out allows the Hydraulic Head plunger drive gear to come free from the Quill shaft. I've seen this cover "shift" , so even though the red mark is in the correct position the...
  19. rustystud

    Having issues removing hydraulic head

    You did remove the "Fuel control" assembly right ? Then sometimes the "Quill Shaft Cover" can shift and catch the "plunger drive gear" . You will then have to pry out the hydraulic head. This will bend the cover, but you can bend it back once the head is off.
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