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  1. OPCOM

    No Voltage/power on 28v gen set

    Thanks! I have to recant on the model. Mine is older, a "WINPOWER G-1528-2A016-1 GENERATOR SET". It is obviously the same basic kind of machine and has the same engine type. My frame is tubular instead of rectangular and it has brushes in the generator unit. It was made in 1958. and has electric...
  2. OPCOM

    No Voltage/power on 28v gen set

    M139, do you have a good picture of that generator set, especially the control panel. I have one MEP-025 but it is not as shown in the TM 5–6115-323-14. The picture in there is an MEP-025A.. Mine works but a few things are loose, just trying to figure it out.
  3. OPCOM

    No Voltage/power on 28v gen set

    If the set has not been used in a while, and has slip rings or brushes, you may be able to get it to produce by shooting some contact cleaner into the commutator while it is running. be careful though because it is flammable. I have some this on a couple of older slip-ring type AC generators...
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