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    Using 4 man curtian with rear cargo cover?

    Whats the proper method to use the 4 man curtain with the cargo cover? I was thinking maybe mount the curtain on the outside of the soft top and only attach the top so it can roll up? Is the curtain normally used when using the cargo cover?
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    Rear seat belt install

    Need to drill holes in the fenders for the rear seat belts. It appears that the brace underneath is already in there. Lining up my top base like the pictures I see online it doesn't look like it mates up with the bottom brace. Can anyone provide a picture from under the fender of where the...
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    Auxilary heater?

    Winter is here. Anyone running an 24v auxiliary electric cab heater of some sort? If so, recommendations? They all seem to have pretty high amperage draw. I'm aware of the diesel ones out there but just looking for something simpler to get through this winter. Does everyone's sound like a...
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    Weak horn

    Is it normal for the horn to sound really weak in these? Sounds like a go cart or squeeze horn on a kids bicycle quiet.
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    Shift lever light replacement

    Anyone replaced the light in the shift lever? Is it a replace the unit or replace the bulb type setup? Mine comes on sometimes and sometimes not (same as my jeep lol). If I tap on the shifter it flashes in and out. Must be bad connection. Do you remove the entire assembly?
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    soft top install, normal to have gaps?

    On a new 4 door soft top install, is it normal to have gaps you can see through between the soft doors and body? Not a lot, but there are some.
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    voltage problem

    Yesterday started up the hmmwv and booom blew the top off one of the batteries. Not sure what caused it. Replaced the battery and now my generator reads in the red. Voltage at the batteries not running is 28.2V and voltage running is 35.6! I checked the connections at the terminals and also...
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    rear soft door install

    So I had my 2 door m998 delivered last week and had a 4 man kit waiting for it. Running into problems with the rear door strikers lining up with the rear door handles. Both sides the same. The door appears to be in the correct place based on the alignment with the frame, but the door handle...
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