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    M1009 from The Northern Va area to Phoenix Az-no real time frame

    Need a M1009 shipped from Northern Va to Phoenix Az. There isn't really a time frame, just when can it get done and from when it leaves can it be there in less then 2-3 weeks? it has a dana 60, a 14 bolt, a 4 inch suspension lift and 37" tires. It has a soft top. Yes it does run, well. Any...
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    Haven't posted in some time

    Hey all, I haven't posted in some time so I figured I would throw these up there for you. My M1009 with it's new 4" lift. I called up ORD and they were a pleasure to deal with, they understood what I had and mostly what I wanted. My only problem when it came to ordering my lift was I wanted all...
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    Trouble starting a little help please

    So my m1009 had some trouble starting a couple days ago. It fired right up after the gp light cycled off and dropped to a very low idle then cut off. So I restarted and didn't think anything of it. I daily drove it with no problems until leaving work this afternoon. It cycled the gp's, the...
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    Axle upgrade

    So I am looking for any knowledge or opinions about the possible setup. I have a M1009 and found a sweet deal on a Dana 60 fromt and a corporate 14 bolt rear. The front has no rotors but not a big deal I planned on doing brakes when I got them. 4.10 gears in them, and they came off a truck with...
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    Bad diesel?...

    Just throwing it out there. Everything glow plug related checks out exactly as it should. Correct voltages everywhere, correct cycling. Everything fuel related checks out as it should. Correct pressures at the correct locations, filter is in good working order, no leaks anywhere. Going to run...
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    Resistor Bypass

    I was looking for the resistor bypass again and can't seem to find it. What gauge wire should I use to do the 12v resistor bypass?
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    Glowplug, resistor

    I got my m1009 back in November last year. Had to do a little work to get it to shift and run properly. I had to pull 6 or so swollen glow plugs, decided I didn't want to have to do that again so I read a bunch of good info about the AC60gs. Bought them, put them in, also found out I had to...
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    Note on windshield

    So this morning I went out to my truck to go to work and there was a note under the windshield wiper. Somebody left there name, number and some info about wanting my M1009 in a movie. I called the number and got some info, he is the writer and is going to get with the producer about using it...
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    Won't start when cold

    So I had replaced the batteries and the glow plugs. It was a fairly warm day when I did the work so I put the batteries back in and it fired right up. I didn't think anything of it went out the next morning to drive it to work and the wait light was on for a long time and all it would do is turn...
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    Members in Northern Virginia?

    Who's in the Northern Virginia area?
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    I have a 3rd gear!

    After trouble shooting mulitple items I have finally found the problem. The plasctic gear on the governer was completly worn down. I replaced that and I now shift to second and third gear. I was beginning to wonder if anything other then first even existed in the transmission. Just wanted to...
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    7 new glow plugs

    I recently put up a post about having to go through the injector to remove several swollen glow plugs. I have hit a snag on the last one by the firewall on the passenger side and my HOA is all stirred up and making my life ****. The question is What are the chances on a fairly warm day of...
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    Glow plug help

    I am replacing glow plugs and 4 are stuck I can't pull them out with force and the tool that everyone says is the best isn't available and the date keeps changing as to when it will be available. Is there anyone in the Northern Virginia Area that can help get them out? Any help would be greatly...
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    Glow plugs

    Just went out to swap my plugs, what a disaster. 7 out of 8 are swollen and they are all AC13 g, I Only hear bad things about these and all the connecters are breaking off.
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    Just picked up my first M1009

    Hi everyone, Just picked up my first M1009 a couple days ago, and am new to this forum. I have a couple immediate things I need to do like look at the back brakes they are sticking. Also I need to check the batteries, I'm not sure they are charging properly. I think I may have fixed the...
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