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    Trailer options? Will a M1008 on 37's tow a gooseneck.?

    How well does a M1008 tow a gooseneck.? With the NA 6.2L & 37's I do not expect modern-day performance or comfort. I understand the 37's may limit me on GVW but I'm mainly looking at limited use as the collector hobby allows. I am aiming for hauling other vintage GM C/K trucks, CUCV's, and...
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    Crank accessory pulley wobble

    My concern is can the wobble be considered failure? Trauma? Wear? If so what is the method of failure? What causes the change? I know most 80's and earlier V-8 chevy crank pulleys do not run true like today's cars but at what point do we call the 6.2L pulley bad?
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    Trailer light plug options

    Searching for trailer light / brake plug options. I hate to chop up my factory harness but I will solider and shrink if I must. Are there any good conversion harnesses to run a civilian 7 pin or any good military trailer pin out adapters. I'm sure I'm not the only one but so far my search...
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    Vector Hurricane 8lug Aluminium Wheels

    Anyone else running a set? BUT if they are good enough for Chuck Norris :patracy: Seriously, I bought the set local for less then I can buy spacers for / or ship the hummer wheels. Love the H1 bead lock look but not crazy about the extra weight. Hopefully these 70's classics don't...
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    Name that missing relay

    I am missing the two GREY relays beside the doghead mod (starter relay). I've been chasing TM's / harness schematics for 1.5hrs = no joy. Also of concern is one of them runs wires up to what looks like an exposed resistor (may be labeled Anode / cathode on schematic). I'm concerned that...
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    Sme 7018601

    Chasing my relay for the Doghead mod and NAPA is not local. Found some cool interchange info I thought I'd share. SME 7018601 - NAPA Small Engine DescriptionSmall Engine Starter Solenoid - Power EquipmentVehicle QualifierCommentAttributeEngine Manufacturer:Ariens, Bolens, Gilson...
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    Newby working thru Glow Plug diagnostics

    Step 1. Unplug glow plugs and probe plug with test light hooked to +. Bad glow plugs #2 and #7. Now I need to searh for a GP socket. Any tricks to getting out #7 ~ Can I get @ it thru thee fender well? Step 2. Jump blue wire on GP relay to ground and check for voltage @ gp wires. All CHeck Ok
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    Newby with the fever

    Bought my first MV today :beer: Can't wait to get it home. Good: Runs and drives LOCAL Private sale 11K miles Best of the litter / least rust (owner was keeping this one for himself) Fresh Drive shaft NEW Shocks @ all 4 corners Clean interior with sound deadening. Shackles @ all...
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    Batteries wired up 24v in series

    Drove 50 miles to look at a M1008 this morning. Some one had stolen and cut the batteries out of it. The owner rewired it up best he could but wired it up straight 24v connecting one battery to the other in series. He said currently he could jump start it but it would not start on it's own...
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