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    Decontamination bed CCKW

    Hello, I acquired this stuff a few months ago. Anyone have any idea on how rare and what value these pieces would have. Cool stuff but I am know pieces are missing and stuff. Thanks
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    Help! identifying axles I picked up for 6x6

    Hello all, I picked these up the other day and can't figure out what they came out of. First I thought an early GMC 6x6. But they can't be because the springs are under the axle on the front, it has crossover steering. The spring mounts look nothing like a truck setup to me. The rear bogey...
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    Trying to find a value for this military vehicle, Land Rover Defender for US Rangers

    Hi, I hope it is okay to post this here. If I should post somewhere else please let me know. I am thinking of purchasing this Land Rover US military vehicle. Anyone know the value of these? I don't see any for sale on the internet at all. I am used to dealing in deuces and 5 tons. It has a small...
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