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  1. Valor

    A little Snow at the Dinkey Creek Bivouac last Weekend

    You were lucky. Family had cabin in pineridge and it is gone. :(
  2. Valor

    A little Snow at the Dinkey Creek Bivouac last Weekend

    I've been to Dinkey Creek but it was a long time ago. How did you fare with the fire? It was BAD. My brother lives in Shaver. He worked for Cal Trans but is now retired. Hope you make it okay with the fire. Nice truck!
  3. Valor

    Railroad Forum

    We had those come through West Colton, Ca. yard going to/from Ft. Irwin to play war games. Lots of trains from Ft. Hood Tx. Lots of M1 Abrams!!! Before U.P. took over they transferred to the Santa Fe lines that took them to Ft. Irwin. Wish I had took some pics. :(
  4. Valor

    No starting issue

    Check out this post. Try bypassing the protective control box.
  5. Valor

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Don't lose the key for that lock!
  6. Valor

    Simp's M920 build thread

    I hate when that happens! At least it wasn't too serious. A lot of work to just replace a freeze plug.
  7. Valor

    California Registration Question for 5ton

    I just did that. Forgot about them.
  8. Valor

    Fuse block melted

    How about take the contacts out and put them in an open, unused socket? Just relabel the socket.
  9. Valor

    California Registration Question for 5ton

    That sounds odd for sure. What restrictions on historical vehicle registratrion? You mean insurance restrictions? When you talk about $1000's to register that might be for commercial with a weight fee plus other fees. Maybe you should talk to the people who did the registration for you and...
  10. Valor

    2021 SoCal Spring Rally

    She's a beauty! Love that hood ornament! I hope to make it for one day on saturday.
  11. Valor

    Air leak/bleed down

    My 923A2 truck leaks down the air too over night. There are so many air connections that it's no wonder it doesn't leak more! I havn't taken a squirt bottle with dishsoap and water and sprayed around but maybe I should. Check your air drain valves on the passenger side behind and below the...
  12. Valor

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    What do you feed into that antenna or is it just rx?
  13. Valor

    HMMWV Serpentine Belt Issue - 6.5L

    Are all the pulleys lined up front and back? Maybe one is too far forward? Just a thought.
  14. Valor

    Water Pump Bolt / Crossover Pipe

    I can sympathize with you. I've had times working on my 6.5 in a civy suburban that I just want to throw a hand grenade at it! Sounds like your engine hasn't been torn into in some places for a long time. When bolts won't unthread and seem like they are going to snap, it is best to STOP...
  15. Valor

    5Ton Combat rims on 395 MVTs install for Beginners!

    There will be a posting of the event when it gets close so you can find out all the info. It's a lot of fun. You can check out the past events and the pics but I don't remember the posting name. I'll see if I can find it and let you know. Glad you went for a ride around the block and it ran...
  16. Valor

    Harmonic Damper

    Looks like it is a part number #1895. I'll order one shortly. Thank you Tailwheel.
  17. Valor

    Harmonic Damper

    I am looking to order one for my v-belt 6.5. What part number did you order? I didn't see any CW rotation pump for the GM 6.5. All were CCW. Thank you.
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