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    Attn m43 owners near south dakota!

    ATTN: M43 OWNERS NEAR SOUTH DAKOTA would really like to be able to look at, photograph and measure the bunks in the back of an ambulance. So i could get an idea of the feasibility of making them for mine. I am in rapid city Thank you in advance Bill hedges
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    M43b1 window seals?

    Trying to figure out what exactly the window sweeps and channels need to look like in profile so i can get the best stuff. I think the sides need to be L shaped because the windows have no frames. But inside the door is a U shaped deal and it looks like it had fuzzy stuff on it
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    M43b1 ventation motor?

    M43b1 fresh air fan? For the rear compartment is there supposed to be a fresh air fan somewhere? if so has anyone ever seen it? Where would it be? And does anyone have a photo?
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    M37/43 anti sway bar?

    Has anyone ever somehow added one? Or is it a dumb idea? I ask because of the oh no here we go sensation while taking curves in the m43b1
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    Hood numbers question

    Found some numbers on my hood USA maybe a C 323204 or 3232C4 USA C. 323204 Or USA 0 3232C4
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    M43b1 driving
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    Uglytruckling helitool?

    I sure hope helitool/uglytruckling still sell the disc brakes conversion kits and I noticed that the the cut off date for the kits is 1964. I have a 65 m43b1. I sent ray an email but i think he lives in Thailand now. Fingers crossed.
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    wintergreen oil restores rubber

    I have read on antique motorcycle forums that they use oil of wintergreen and alcohol to restore old rubber items. The alcohol opens up the rubber so that the oil can get in. Apparently they use it on impossible to replace spark plug boots and stuff like that. I have a really cool military gas...
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    318 transplant oilpan clearance?

    I think the blocks are there because the transplant 318 oil pan will hit the axle without them. I took some photos but it is a little hard to tell what is going on
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    universal MC and booster?

    I am wondering about the universal kit from speedway here is the description Master Cylinder Booster Combo, Natural/Zinc, 1.125 in. Bore, 7.0 in. Diameter Booster, Kit
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    m43 with 318 e-brake setup?

    bought my ambulance and the po installed the 318 but the e brake handle and connecting rod is missing the brake itself is still there the t-case levers are mounted on a big metal plate that is part of the conversion does the e brake lever go on the same big bolt that the t case levers are on...
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    wheel seal part numbers cross reference?

    Somewhere I saw a cross reference chart for bearings and seals for our beloved m37/43s but for the life of me I don't know where it is. can any of you cool cats help me out? I am down to only having to bleed the brakes and pack the bearings and I will start driving my ambulance every day.
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    m43 spotlight question

    will just a regular old spotlight install /work the same as the original light on my ambulance?
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    m43 rear compartment bunks etc?

    the PO cut the bunks out of the back of my ambulance and i would like to at least replace the two that look like padded benches i still have the small upper passenger side one but none of the others i still have the hinges mounted but nothing else suggestions?
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    carbon monoxide!

    I gave myself exhaust poisoning there is a huge leak under the truck and I got gassed three days ago I can still smell and taste it I ended up with flu like symptoms today I am going to try and get under there and cut out the bad stuff and replace it It didn't seem that bad. But it was...
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    750 flaps on 900 rims?

    i have some 750 flaps that were sent to me by mistake can i use them on my 900 budd wheels? or should i send em back and try to find 900s?
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    rusty (no leaks) gas tank

    grrr tried flushing with fuel but looks like i am going to have to pull the tank and do something.
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    source for 9x16 tubes/flaps with correct valve?

    i have searched ,searched and searched some more. and i find old answers to this question and every answer has dead links either the seller died or the place is no longer in business does anyone know where i can get the 9x16 tubes and flaps with the right valve? thank you!
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    stuck in 1st gear

    the m43 i just bought is stuck in 1st gear i cannot move the lever period which means i cant unload it from the trailer is there a trick i dont know? it has a casting number that says c97247 any help would be a godsend! ps MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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    12v AND 24v?

    ok i have a m43b1 that has had a 318 installed the PO said he wired the lights to work my issue is i want all the gauges ,horn,heater and stuff to work as well but all that is 24v how do i make it so everything but the engine (i guess) is 24v? any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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