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    M1083A1 no CTIS Controller

    After 6 months and 12 days of waiting, I finally got my M1083A1! Now that I know that it runs, it's time to get it all sorted out. The CTIS controller is missing from my truck and my question is -- can I run it that way while I'm waiting to hear back from the Arduino guy? What happens to...
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    Tire changing tools

    Had another blowout over the weekend. Hi-Lift came in handy, but using hand wrench sucked even though I had all new lug nuts on them. Purchasing $200+ 24V impact wrench is not out of the question, but it's somewhat large. Looking for other options. Seen this Nut Buddy recommended...
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    Run flat removal and installation setup -- anyone DIY something like this?

    I've seen a bunch of ways to remove runflats, not many on reinstalling them. I just saw this video and though I'd ask if anyone DIY'ed something similar with cherry picker (engine hoist) or similar?
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    Need Bolt Kit from HMMWV DROP DOWN SPARE TIRE CARRIER, DOCUMENT: 2590-01-525-1995, What I really need is part numbers 2,13,14,15,19 from figure 7-1.Does anyone have that as a sub-kit?Otherwise, what's the part number for the whole bolt...
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    Trailer harness miswired

    Got my M998 few months ago. More recently I bough M1101 trailer from a buddy. Connected it to my rig and couldn't get lights on trailer to work right. Buddy swore that he tested my trailer on his M998 and it all worked fine. Took several weeks for him to get to my house (his rid was rented to...
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    How to extend trailer wire harness.

    I made a bumper for my M998 and now the original wire harness is too short. What are my options, other than splicing a 3" pieces of wire, for extending the NATO style trailer wire harness? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    M998 custom A/C setup

    Have you guys ever seen or done something like this in the US? This guy is in Dubai so parts/service is local to him. Looks nice and something I would like to attempt in my 4 man soft top rig.
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    What's the correct type of bolt

    Guys, what's correct type of bolt for the Rhino tire carrier. Is grade 5 enough or should I stick with grade 8? Also, on a seperate note, aluminum radio tray mount -- what kind of bolt can I use on the aluminum base and leg?
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    Is radio tray steel or aluminum?

    I can't find a decent source for the radio tray. I'm not getting MIL radio anyway and was going to use the tray to keep CB, chargers, drink holders, tissues, and other crap on it anyway. I can fab one based on pictures I've seen. With that said, are the OEM ones aluminum or steel? What about...
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    What do you keep on M998 for self recovery?

    So while I know that the first rule of offroading alone is NEVER OFFROAD ALONE!, there are always going to be times when you're alone. After dispensing with all the mumbo jumbo about notifying others about planned route, ETA, having provisions, blankets, first aid kit, etc., I'm looking for...
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    M998 rear bumper with tire options

    Guys, like most of yours, my M998 didn't come with a rear bumper nor a spare tire. I know that I can get a airlift bumper and rino tire carrier, but at a going rate of ~$1,500 for the set, that seems like a lot of coin for a piece of metal, few brackets and a modified load binder. I get that...
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    M998 soft doors - repair or replace?

    I have green camo setup. 2 out of 4 doors need window replaced/repaired. All 4 doors need zipper stitching repaired. I'm getting local quotes of 1 to 1.5 hours per door (@ $75/hr) just for stitching and they're not really sure if the neck of sawing machine can even go over the 'frame'/gasket of...
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    2 12V devices in series for a 24V drop?

    I tried posting this in electrical forum, but post doesn't show up. Guys, it's been a while since my DeVry school days, but shouldn't I be able to wire two identical devices in series and get 12V drop on each one on the M998 24VDC system?I'm thinking of getting some drink holders for example...
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    2 12V devices in series for a 24V drop?

    Guys, it's been a while since my DeVry school days, but shouldn't I be able to wire two identical devices in series and get 12V drop on each one on the M998 24VDC system?I'm thinking of getting some drink holders for example and seen that I could get some LED illuminated ones...
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    Generator-battery indicator pegged for few minutes, then jump into green range

    Guys, on my M998 I more often than not see the battery indicator pegged into red for first few minutes after starting, then it settles into green and remains there for remainder of trip. I have not tried to turn it off and on right-away to see if it's a function of truck starting, but wanted to...
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    Options for replacing cushions in M998

    I just got my M998. My OEM seat seems fine for short, daily driving. The passenger one appears fine but when sitting in it, it literally feels like you're sitting on metal bench. Long term, I'm considering upgrading all 4 seats. Short term, I'm looking for options to just upgrade the...
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    M998 dome light suggestions

    Guys, got my M998 and need some inside lights in beast. What have you guys done besides flashlights or portable LED gizmos? I'm looking for something that can be 'permanently' mounted inside that's wired and switched. I was thinking of possibly using LED strip and mounting it on B-pillar...
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