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    m105 pickup at Richmond,va

    Is there someone local to Richmond,va that could pickup a m105 and hold it until I can pick it up from you on the weekend? The address is 8000 Jefferson Davis. Th load out times are wed, thursday, friday 8am-1:30pm. Thanks, J.R.
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    In Need of Wiring Help

    Hey guys, Alot of you remember me from a few years ago. The wiring hardness crapped out on my m35a2 so I dropped out of the scene for a while. In the mean time I had a son! Anyway I have the main wiring harness about 80% complete. Its suppose to be nice here on Sat, I am going to take the...
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    Sarah Dutton at Fort Meade

    I want to say Sarah has been the nicest person to work with at GL.She was more than patient and more then willing to help me out. Robyn, if you are reading this make sure Sarah's supervisor gets this information. J.R. Dobyns
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    Need pickup at Fort Meade (m101)

    Hey guys, I won a M101 at fort meade but now I am in a pickle. I do not think I can get up there to get it. It needs to be picked up on Friday and I can not find any freighters that will deliver it. I f someone can pick it up, I will be glad to reimburse you for your time and fuel. I can...
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    Riddle me this (wiring harness)

    I need to replace my front wiring harness. I bought on wiring harness at aberdeen but after getting it home I doscovered it was not the right one. No problem. I looked up the right one and ordered it. I get the new on in tonight and discover it is not the right on. The one I bought at...
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    Pull wiring harness today or wait?

    I need to replace the front wiring harness in one of the m35a2s. I have one coming but not until next week. Should I pull the old one today or wait until the new one comes in to remove the old one from the truck? I have all the wiring diagrams I need to replace it.
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    Downshift or not to downshift?

    I was talking to a few people at Aberdeen this past week and I heard someone say downshifting the multifuel motor was not good. It seems the theory is these motors do not handle using the engine compression to slow the truck down. What are your thoughts?
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    A good lesson....

    I have been trying to track down and charging problem for 2 days. The first problem was the batteries were junk, got new batteries. The truck fired up quick! I tested the voltage at the batts with the truck running, 24 volts. I tested the exciter wire (small one) going to the alternator and...
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    2 month old split axle boots

    I got the boots and they looked like new a few months ago and installed them. I happened to look under the deuce for other reasons and saw both are dry rotted and split! Did I do anything wrong? I would think the boots would last alot longer then that. What do you guys think?
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    New addition, m35a2c (dad's rig)

    Dad found a m35a2c with the drop side removed, dump bed added and frame doubled. It have 9600 miles and has 452 hours on motor, 1973 model. C turbo and the motor is very clean. Here are the pics, we may pic it up this weekend, needs a driveshaft between the tcase and front tandem through...
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    Al, this is for you (cargo cover install)

    Here are the cargo bows and uprights going together. As you can see the uprights fit down inside the existing sides. The bows and corners are all one piece. The bows bolt to the uprights with one bolt. I have installed a couple of them but have run into problems with a few of my existing...
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    Almost had another Recovery story

    Was hauling logs this afternoon and came upon this car ran off the road, spun around about 4-5 times throrugh 3 people's lawns and almost hit a well (one of the big ones). Then he sunk trying to get out of where we landed. (Chevy Cavalier) I was going to stop but the cops hadn't gotten there...
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    Tracked Case 85 XT Recovery

    Check out the photos...
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    15w 40 Rotella Vs 30 weight oil

    Is anyone running 15w 40 Rotella in their trucks, just wondering because we run that in all of our dump trucks so we always have some on hand. Thanks, J.R.
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    CV Boots are done (tired of whining about it!)

    You guys have helped me out alot in questions that I have asked. I got around to doing them today, pass side by myself was about 45 minutes. Driver side with a helper uninstall and install, 15 minutes. Spent 2 hours cleaning the driver side because or alot of dried mud and caked grease...
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    tach repair

    My tack is jumping around alot on the dial, reads at idle but not over that I think. I looked through the TMs and could not find how to lube it. The TMs I read just said to replace it. Thanks, J.R.
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