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    Massachusetts Enhanced Inspection

    Has anyone from Mass. had to put their Deuce through the new "Enhanced Vehicle Inspection?" As of Oct. 1st all commercial vehicles, vehicles with a GVW greater than 10,001lbs, or more than 5 tires on the ground have to get a DOT inspection when they get their annual State inspection. The...
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    MEP15A 1.5 KW carb "issues"

    I picked up a 1.5KW genset for a sweet deal (read $0). It didn't run when I got it but after cleaning the gunk out of the carb it ran like a top for...about a week. Then it started shooting gas out of the air cleaner..I figured the float wasn't closing all the way and just got a new carb from...
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    JAFO Test

    Please, don't let me screw the pooch.
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