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    R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris

    I don't check in very often anymore, but something told me to get on steelsoldiers tonight. This is not what I wanted to see. I sit here writing with tears running down my face. I first met Ron when I took my truck to Taccoa when they dedicated the Museum there and Ron sent out a request for...
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    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 18-22, 2017

    Simp5782, If I make the Rally I can bring depending on what else I have to bring, like towbaring the deuce to play with. It can be picked up here anytime before or after the Rally, its not in my way. Did I get the right trailer, it came from Fort Stewart, not Fort Jackson.
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    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 18-22, 2017

    Amy, if I can make it you will have all the grits and boiled peanuts you can eat. We'll just have to see how my work with the other truck is going. Late October is when the cotton hauling really gets cranked up. Thanks Papabear and Zout for the special invite.
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    Official 2017 Ga. Military Vehicle Rally info thread. Oct. 18-22, 2017

    Mahala proved to me that it is impossible to turn a Duece over backwards by trying to climb a vertical cliff. And she tried at least 10 times. I was to scared to try. Do they still come to the Rally since they moved???
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    No Thru Trucks signs

    I own a commercial truck and live on a no thru truck road. I can drive that road to leave and come home because I live on that road. I have a Friend that owns several semi's and hauls for hire. His home and shop is on a state road that is no through truck and one of his drivers was stopped a...
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    Electrial problem on 5 ton dump - M51

    I probably should have said this is an older truck, an M52 I think. I did see a silver colored metal box with fins on it mounted on the firewall. It has a large bundle of wires with a screw plug connected to it. I assumed that was a voltage regulator.
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    Electrial problem on 5 ton dump - M51

    Electrical problems make my head hurt so I hope someone can lead me in the right direction to find this problem. The truck has sat unused for about 6 months. When I went to get it there was no power when the master switch was turned on. OK, batteries are old so must be dead. Charged batteries...
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    PapaBear's New M151A2

    Great looking MUTT you have there PB, Oh, and the Jeep ain't bad either. :D
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Multimedia thread

    We certainly enjoyed the guys being here. But they didn't get a lot of rest for us wanting to show them things. I sure missed being at the Rally. As luck would have it we ran out of cotton to haul at 10 AM Friday Morning. I thought about coming but we had peanuts to pick and I had the annual...
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    2015 ga. rally home safe

    Rayzer and group made it to my place about 5.
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Mike, De and Jake are curious to know if you were involved in helping with the flooding in SC. De's Niece is going to school at USC and went home to Kansas to escape the flooding.
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Rayzer and group have left the compound. ETA in about 4 hours. You guys have fun.
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Rayzer and Friends are spending the night at my place on Sunday the 18th. I had planed on sending some syrup and maybe some grits with them. Maybe even some roasted peanuts. If this cloudy rainy weather does not brake I may even be able to come. But if the weather is nice I will be rolling...
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    I probably am not going to make it this year either for the same reason as above. Last year I bought a truck to transport cotton modules from the field to the gin. With the time change for the Rally that will put me into the cotton season. I talked to the Boss and he said if the wheels ain't...
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Info thread

    Load out?????? My truck is still loaded from last year. Fill fuel tank and go.:):)
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    thinking I have a bad master cylinder now.....

    I have had the return hole in the master cylinder plug and prevent the fluid from returning on a couple old farm trucks. Had to loosen a bleed line to release brakes to make it home. On my M51 dump the push rod was to long and prevented the piston from returning all the way and kept the return...
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    poppop,s M37 restore thread

    OK, making a few baby steps on the M37. Got the fuel tank installed and am running lines. Can anyone tell me if the fuel and brake lines run over the left hand bell housing mount or under it. Looks like it should be over but then theres not much room and looks like the lines could rub bad.
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    Deuce Parts Quick Reference Spreadsheet

    I had to get fuel filter gaskets last week and the NAPA number at NAPA was no good. They crossed the Baldwin number of G-241 or G-107 that I have on an older cross-reference sheet and only one was available in Ga. Called CARQUEST with the number 90406 and there was only 2 in the US. Called...
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    Welcome from Ga.
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    TONGUE INSPECTION ! EVERYBODY check 'em before they FAIL ! ! !

    A semi came by my house last year with the trailer on fire. Driver finally noticed 5 miles later. I was on a tractor and could not run him down. Total loss.
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