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  1. Tinwoodsman

    Private Messages

    How do I send a PM on the new website?
  2. Tinwoodsman

    Durhamtown Lawsuit

    A friend of mine living near Greensboro called me today and told me about a 14.5 million dollar lawsuit against Durhamtown Plantation. It seems that two riders have been injured one lost a leg. If true this could impact future rallys, at least at Durhamtown.
  3. Tinwoodsman

    Oop's Message Upon Log In

    Am I the only one who gets a page saying Oops! and the page cannot be found when I log in?
  4. Tinwoodsman

    WW2 Ben Hur Restoration

    I am beginning my restoration of a 1942 Ben Hur 1 ton utility trailer. This project will be my last restoration and follows my M35A2, WC51 Weapons Carrier and Ford GPW Jeep. I found this trailer on a farm in Northern California about 5 years ago and it was intended to matched with the WC51...
  5. Tinwoodsman

    Marine HMMWV

    I spoke to Iron Planet about one of the Marine Hmmwv's they are auctioning in California next week. The said these vehicles do not have the "Off Road" restriction. Does anyone have any experience in titling one of these vehicles?
  6. Tinwoodsman

    LTC Richard Cole To Be Honored

    LTC Richard Cole, the last survivor of the Doolittle Raiders and Co-Pilot for Col. Jimmy Doolittle, lives in my hometown of Comfort, Texas and I am fortunate to have had the privilege of having lunch with him several times. He was also kind enough to autograph my WC-51 at one of our July 4th...
  7. Tinwoodsman

    Private Message Question

    Lately I have been having a problem replying to Private Messages. When I hit the reply button and begin to type my response, the message does not allow me to type my response in a normal sequence. For example, I type the first word and then attempt to enter a space before typing the next word...
  8. Tinwoodsman

    WW2 Ben Hur Trailer Indentification

    I am getting ready to begin the restoration on a WW2 Ben Hur (G518) trailer to pull behind my WC-51 Weapon Carrier and I thought I would take a chance and see anyone could help me. I am at a loss as to identifying the manufacturer since there are not data plates. It has USMC markings on the...
  9. Tinwoodsman

    A Before and After WC51 Moment

    I had a visit from a friend who is a WW2 veteran who served on Iwo Jima toward the end of WW2. When I began restoration of my WC-51 he gave me an old photo of him standing in front of a unit WC-51 on Iwo Jima. Today I brought him to my house and took a reinactment photo of him standing in...
  10. Tinwoodsman

    Need dimensional help with GPW part

    Is there anyone who can give me the following measurements on a early model oil fill dipstick? 1. Length of dipstick from the bottom of the cap to the end of the dipstick. 2. Length from the bottom of fill cap to the "fill" line. 3. Length from the bottom of fill cap to the "empty" line...
  11. Tinwoodsman

    My New Project - 1942 Ford GPW

    Originally planned to take a break after finishing the WC51 but I found a good deal on a GPW in my town so I snatched it up. The owner used it as a farm truck and modified the rear panel to make a tailgate and for some reason jerry rigged a cab using an old pickup cab. Pretty sorry to look at...
  12. Tinwoodsman

    Chat 6/10/14

    Chat appears to be broken. I need to speak to my Brothers!!!! :popcorn:
  13. Tinwoodsman

    M1102 Bulb Question

    I picked up a M1102 trailer that is equipped with 24V bulbs. I replaced the front portion of the harness with a 7 pin round connector and cord wired directly into the connector under the bed. I have been searching various threads to find direct replacement 12V bulbs. There are many...
  14. Tinwoodsman

    Chat Problem

    I have been trying to get into Chat today at 11:53am CST and it does not work. Also the Chat information on the main screen has changed.
  15. Tinwoodsman

    Ben Hur for the WC

    Took deliver of an all steel G518 Ben Hur trailer yesterday. It is in very good shape and all I need is the handbrake lever assembly for the parking brake. If anyone has one I will be one happy camper.
  16. Tinwoodsman

    Fire Extinguisher Color

    What color were the CTG fire extinguishers (Pyrene, etc) in WWII vehicles. I know the brackets were OD but were the extinguishers left their natural brass or painted?
  17. Tinwoodsman

    Sonora, CA to Dallas or San Antonio, TX

    Need to move a WW2 Ben Hur Trailer from Sonora, California to either San Antonio or Dallas Texas depending upon convenience. Trailer is 12' long, 6' wide and 48" tall. Single axle and weighs 1300 lbs. Cannot be towed as bearings and tires are suspect for a trip of that length. Dates...
  18. Tinwoodsman

    Nartron Turn Signal Switch Question

    I have a new Nartron turn signal switch that I purchased for my deuce. Can anyone tell me it this will fit a 5 ton?
  19. Tinwoodsman

    Troubleshooting Horn

    I installed a new horn button kit and steering column wire today and my horn still does not work. I searched to find the TM number for trouble shooting but no luck. Will someone please tell me the TM number with trouble shooting info. Thanks.
  20. Tinwoodsman

    ETW1 Carb. Adjustment

    I am rebuilding my ETW1 carb and need to replace the low speed needle valve. Can someone tell me a good starting adjustment for this needle upon reassembly?
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