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  1. Boatcarpenter

    1.5 Kw gen set

    RE: 1.5 KW Gen set Hugh, There are lots of inverters for converting DC to AC in the marketplace, but I'm not sure whether you can even convert 28 volts to 110 volts which you would need to power items in your house. If you could even find some unit that would do that, I think the cost would...
  2. Boatcarpenter

    1.5 Kw gen set

    Maybe this will help; DOD Model MEP-025A -- Hol-Gar Mfg. Corp. Formerly Hol-Gar Model CE- 017-DC and Military Design Model DC-1.5-MD/28 V, DC If in fact this is what it is, you can run whatever you want as long as it runs on 28volts DC :D BC
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