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  1. M813rc

    CH-53E HMH 772

    Cool. We took a ride on the Saipan in the Atlantic, and the Belleau Wood in the Pacific. USMC to USAF? That must have been quite a change! Cheers
  2. M813rc

    CH-53E HMH 772

    Nice! What boat? That picture in formation looks like Bridgeport? (Definition of helicopters flying formation - two going the same direction on the same day) Cheers
  3. M813rc

    CH-53E HMH 772

    That is one grubby bird! Back in the day, our Delta models got pretty dirty but they were dark green so it didn't show as much (HMH-462) . The only thing capable of replacing the CH-53D was another CH-53, the Echo. And the only thing they could come up with to replace that one is yet...
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