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  1. mattg2448

    Michigan Registration

    I have driven 600 miles away with a log farm plate, i have never been pulled over (Hauled wood, disk, trailer ect.)
  2. mattg2448

    I'm 19 and seriously considering buying a deuce, am I crazy?

    Welcome to the site! :) Let me just tell you, 19 getting a deuce isn't young at all, I bought my truck at 15 years old, and now I'm 17. I drove mine daily for quite a while, 6-8 months, and it was fun, but its nice to have another vehicle to one, switch it up, two, you can go more places...
  3. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    8/17/12 Matt here just stopping in to update, say a few words. Since my truck had some issues shifting, and we identified it to be no shims for the PTO, and my truck was leaking oil from the PTO shift levers, so i ordered up a PTO gasket and seal kit with boots from Memphis equipment. While i...
  4. mattg2448

    New M1009 Resto- Southern CUCV

    Looks really nice! Did you go through and do a frame up restoration?
  5. mattg2448

    Major Rear Axle Leak

    Just got done doing axle seals on my truck, it was a breeze! Make sure you have the appropriate tools, for instance a 8 point 3" axle socket, which i had to wait 3 days for it to come in on order. Other than that, its a 1.5 - 3 hour job! Bought an inner axle seal from Saturn Surplus, and Cork...
  6. mattg2448

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Well this week i fixed flats and put a for sale sign on the old girl.
  7. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Well, haven't done much to the truck lately since I've been gone to Kansas City, I did find a gasket and seal kit for the PTO, that will be soon.. When i got home for KC i took it for a drive and found out that i have a flat tire.. Since i have a very good luck streak my spare was also flat. But...
  8. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Ok thanks guys! Is there a certain military website that you would reconmend,or just the usual (Saturn, Eastern surplus, ect)?
  9. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Nope, i was on a time crunch and use RTV, but i have to take the PTO off soon to replace a seal in it. One thing i found as a possibility was that i drove for a long time with my fording plug in? Could that be any thing? I would really like to go through the truck and ix everything thats wrong...
  10. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Totally forgot about asking that, no its not, it still drives, its just super hard to get in gear. No Idea what it is.
  11. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Lawdog, i am very excited to see your project!! Well ladies and gentle men, the winch is on! Its been on for about 3 weeks now, and boy does it look great!! I painted it up, waited for this Behr paint to somewhat harden, and then installed it. I am very happy with it! The old shear pin was...
  12. mattg2448

    Uses for Deuces

    In the last little while, i've found some good uses like Taking to car shows Moving people into new houses (mostly family, a boss in the soon future) Parades, which i've only done the high school one, which I'd like to become more active with other parades. Hauling firewood and pallets Used...
  13. mattg2448

    Not for sale...

    Someone offered me 11,500 for mine a couple weeks ago, it had the new paint, winch, heater, canvas, hard top, you know, the whole kit and caboodle. I turned him down, this was my first vehicle, and i love this thing, i have put more time, sweat, and cold hard cash into this truck restoring it...
  14. mattg2448

    Westfolk's Steel Oil Spin On Adapters

    I emailed someone about this already with no reply. I'm taking a machining class right now, and we are doing a final project for the year and i kinda wanted to make something that i can actually use. Is there any chance someone would have dimensions of the oil filter adapters? This would be a...
  15. mattg2448

    A Tip on using rattle cans.

    Very nice tip, i will try this soon!
  16. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    I take it you've had some problems? Thanks for the tip!! I've been working 6 til 930 all week so i havent got much done, but theres not much left. I installed my PTO, which went pretty good, nothing broke, so thats really good! I also got new plates made, the ones that bolt on both winch...
  17. mattg2448

    Rare Deuces ?

    Whats the difference from a M108 and M60? But i would love to have a deuce wrecker!
  18. mattg2448

    Hubsteps for Deuces

    That looks mean!
  19. mattg2448

    Mattg's '71 Gen. Prod. Div. M35A2

    Today i pulled my grille and bumper off, then i switched around my recovery loops to the with winch side. I got my frame brackets all painted up, and somewhat dried. Im using Behr exterior house paint, and boy, i love this paint! It goes on very nice!! Tomorrow I will drag those brackets out...
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