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  1. skidunits4you

    MEP 003A, Engine Runs, But No Generator Output

    Just a quick question when you start the unit are you holding to start switch until the volt meter jumps to 120 volts and cycle meter jumps up to 60. these units require excitement by holding that switch until it starts generating power.
  2. skidunits4you

    Connected my MEP-803A the proper way as my home standby generator... Install pics...

    A very cheap way to see Utility power is back on is to pick up 120 volts from the utility side of transfer switch and install a LED light fixture. Like a very small night light that is on whenever utility power is on, if its off your on gen if its one turn gen off. I use this at 3 fire stations...
  3. skidunits4you

    MEP-005A won't run

    I have the same issue did anyone figure this one out?
  4. skidunits4you

    M916A1 Little Stuff

    I believe I still have the front tube grill I removed from my 916A1 I will check tomorrow, if its here its up for grabs I removed it when adding the plow frame
  5. skidunits4you

    MEP-004A Under Frequency Indicator Light

    The fault lights and relays are installed on most of the 004, 005 and 006 units but some faults only work on percise units
  6. skidunits4you

    Battery Disconnect Type

    Cat and komatsu both make a lock with paddalock switch as well both are 24 volt rated and work well alot of larger dozers use these
  7. skidunits4you

    NO Voltage or HZ reading on meters

    You should be checking voltage at load lugs,the convenience outlet picks up power from different windings and should not be used for any large load. check for voltage between L0 and L1 and L0 and L3 see if you get same readings or not. The main breaker will have to be on for this and remember...
  8. skidunits4you

    Oskosh snow plow

    S A Mclean up in Limerick Me has parts as well and alot of info. I was up there last week getting parts. If he cant find them your out of luck
  9. skidunits4you

    New toy Home not green but BIG

    The one I have was built in 1974 and Oshgosh remain in 1984 as per the door plates on the drivers side
  10. skidunits4you

    MEP002A no output

    you should get voltage with the switch in flash position
  11. skidunits4you

    New toy Home not green but BIG

    I have seen a few in camo A town about 15 miles away just got a plow truck that is camo, This one is faded yellow. Yes straight stack on front motor right through the hood, good ear muffs with plugs inside required.
  12. skidunits4you

    New toy Home not green but BIG

    I got it for my town we have several roads that drift in bad. we figure blow it away it won't drift back for a while. It has been sitting for about 6 years,did some PM and drove her home. Top speed 23 MPH. 325 CAT under the front hood 850 V12 Cat under the back hood. doing PM to blower motor...
  13. skidunits4you

    New toy Home not green but BIG

    Drove new toy home this week looking for manuals for Oshgosh WT2206 with Blower reman in 1982
  14. skidunits4you

    MEP-005A Over Voltage Problem

    It could I would use Electric contact cleaner. You can get it at parts stores. Also depending on weather you have a utility or a percise gen set will determine if it shuts off or not not all over voltage and over HZ safeties work on utility units.
  15. skidunits4you

    M916a1 Picked up today

    And I really like to use them and build any military unit in to Forest Fire units They are built to take the use and why not
  16. skidunits4you

    M916a1 Picked up today

    Didn't buy it, I am one of those lucky bastards that gets them for free for Forest fire use
  17. skidunits4you

    M916a1 Picked up today

    Sorry for the delay It's been a long week, Back of cab to frame end156", Back of cab to Center of rear axle 134", frame hieght at center of rear ends 51" Hope this helps
  18. skidunits4you

    M916a1 Picked up today

    I will measure tommorrow when at work and post tomorrow night
  19. skidunits4you

    24V to 12V For Emergency Equipment

    pics of our 900 4 strobes front and rear
  20. skidunits4you

    24V to 12V For Emergency Equipment

    pics will be great of project. our 900 series has 12 to 30 volt strobes on it I built it a few years ago. I would go with LED now and only use converter for radio
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