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  1. M35A2-AZ

    Couldn't get 5-ton started on the trailer.

    The shut off needs to be going forward on the IP pump. See pic. It is on the drive side of the motor.
  2. M35A2-AZ

    Couldn't get 5-ton started on the trailer.

    Here is a thread on bypassing the PCB (Box box). Will help to see if the pcb is bad.
  3. M35A2-AZ

    Couldn't get 5-ton started on the trailer.

    Also it should only start in Neutral.
  4. M35A2-AZ

    A/c bracket

    Yes Kenway is were I got my mount for the NHC250. P/N KENWAY: 16-CU-138
  5. M35A2-AZ

    Blown Hub Seal?

    All I can say WOW!
  6. M35A2-AZ

    Wood strip bed isolater

    I have seen Red Wood, and Ash.
  7. M35A2-AZ

    Wood strip bed isolater

    They do have some holes in them for rivet heads in the frame.
  8. M35A2-AZ

    Wood strip bed isolater

    I think I may have a set I can measure for you if you want.
  9. M35A2-AZ

    Pushing fluid through switch

    Wes, LOL we were thinking the same way. I just type slower then you.
  10. M35A2-AZ

    Pushing fluid through switch

    I am thinking the Interlock Cylinder is leaking air into the transfer case and venting the air into the front axle s/w on the dash. If you look in the TM you can see the interlock Cyl. p/n A1-3261-D-290, nsn 2520-01-134-0899 It is located on the top of the transfer case. Little hard to get...
  11. M35A2-AZ

    M939 Oil Change, Best Oil, Tips and Tricks

    Yes I also did all my trucks over to spin on's.
  12. M35A2-AZ

    AZ M939 Replacement Labels

  13. M35A2-AZ

    AZ 5 Ton Wheels New and Used

  14. M35A2-AZ

    Air brake can leaking

    That looks like the same cans that are on the M939 5ton truck. The spring brake diaphragm is #16 and service is #12. Not sure your going to find a complete can. It is not hard to change just need to be safe, cage the brake and open it up, two bolts.
  15. M35A2-AZ

    Fuel system trouble, need help

    Sounds like your in tank fuel pump is not working or your filters are plugged up.
  16. M35A2-AZ

    5Ton Rear Axle Hop

    An empty truck under load will hop.
  17. M35A2-AZ

    Where to find wheel seal?

    That is the boots like the military used.
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