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  1. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Yes, Ahab, the controller for the UAV has a video monitor that displays what the camera is viewing. Once you line up the shot, it stays oriented the same way relative to the controller, which is just sitting next to me in the vehicle. It actually has a "watch me" mode in addition to the...
  2. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    I did a test run with a UAV in "follow me" mode flying above the Sugga taking video. Here's a short YouTube clip. This could be fun for offroad.
  3. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Thanks Ahab, Lots of magnet options at: The website has the same owner, Applied Magnets, as I used "Neodymuim Bar Magnet 1 in x 1/2 in x 1/8 in w/Countersunk Hole ". Each individual one has a pull strength of 12 lbs. They...
  4. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Rear Door Interior Panels I'm (slowly) continuing to work on my Sugga's interior. For door panels, I'm building my own using 3/16" masonite, and EZ-Cool closed cell insulation underneath M90 Swedish camo fabric from Sweden (my Sugga was painted in this camo pattern when it came from Sweden...
  5. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Hi MP The gauges were a custom job from New Vintage. They had to cast the bomber-style bezels for me, as they hadn't had much interest in the style up to that point. Work has really taken away time from driving and working on the Sugga. But I have started some more of the interior work. I'm...
  6. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Hi Rodbargee, Love seeing your updates -- no worries on my part putting them here. Makes me realize I haven't posted any updated photos recently. Those springs are massive. Pretty cool. To insert images inline with your post, try clicking on "Go Advanced" beneath the "Quick Reply" box you can...
  7. bbftx

    Almost Finished

    Looking good. Great color.
  8. bbftx

    Two new toys :)

    Nice. Good score.
  9. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Passenger Seat in Place I've started more work on the interior of the Sugga. First up is to take out the temporary Kia seats that had been installed in the front and replace them with Mastercraft Defense seats. I had to fabricate new mounting brackets. The passenger side went in with no...
  10. bbftx

    m1028 from texas forest service with a salvage title?

    Pursue a Texas Rebuilt Salvage Title Hi MarkG You can get a new Texas title listed as "Rebuilt Salvage" in many cases. You'd need to get the truck successfully inspected, fill out a salvage affadavit form, and then apply for the rebuilt title. Read up on the procedure by doing an online...
  11. bbftx

    Restoration Finished - Roll Out Today

    You mean it's possible to actually finish? I thought Restorations never really ended!:-D But in all seriousness, you've got a fantastic looking M-37. Well done.
  12. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Beauty and the Beast I notice this Ferrari didn't pull up too close behind the Sugga... Cheers, B B
  13. bbftx

    WWII German Bomber raised from English Channel

    Hi ColdWarrior, I read your post first and was eagerly awaiting the pictures when I clicked on the link. I got a chuckle out of the quotes in the article. One Piece? Remarkable Condition? Largely intact? I don't think I'd describe it that way, looking at the photos. ;):D Cool story...
  14. bbftx

    Hiller UH-12B

    Going through some of my Dad's stuff, I found a photo of him with a Hiller UH-12B helicopter. My father was a 30-year guy --- he's standing in the photo. He was a Lt. Col and CO of the 451st AAA Battalion at the time. He's greeting a visiting Colonel at the 451st's Heliport. This was taken...
  15. bbftx

    Grandpa's M37

    Awesome solution. Looks like it came out great.
  16. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Nice! Always cool to see a Sugga with her bikes on board. You might prefer the nice, newer, shinier one, but I think your Volvo likes the one from the fifties.... The bike from the fifties is closer to your old girl's age, and won't show her up in the "beauty" category!:-P They look...
  17. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Thanks. Yes, I do hope to make a Lonestar MVPA event or two. Glad to hear they welcome "modifieds". While much of her innards might be Ford now, her soul is still Swedish. ;-)
  18. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    Sugga Becomes Official Texas Citizen Big day for the Sugga. She visited the Safety Inspector to get the thumbs up (photo1). Then she had a nice (informal) chat with a State Trooper interceptor (photo 2), while I was inside making her a naturalized citizen of the Republic of Texas. She's all...
  19. bbftx

    Where's the Land-Rover Section?

    Hi Garret, I can understand that your Land Rover might not want to be relegated to: "Other non-US MV's" :-D Maybe there needs to be a critical mass of Land Rover postings before it makes sense to establish a dedicated forum? So, start by telling us all about your 1971 1/2 Ton! From your...
  20. bbftx

    Volvo Sugga Restoration underway

    You need two original Swedish army bikes to put on that rack, Rodbargee! It might not be totally obvious, but my reconfigured rear end now has a spare tire holder occupying the space where the bike rack used to reside.
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