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  1. Derrickl112

    MI Parting out M35a2

    PM ONLY Items you must arrange your own shipping for: Good running LDT engine w/ C turbo(No radiator) $1000 Seized LDT engine w/ turbo and all accessories(No radiator) $400 Front suspension bobber kit $300 ea M35a3 rear ctis axle $400 m35a2 rear axle $300 ea M35a2 front axle $1200 ea Rusty...
  2. Derrickl112

    MI Hannay hydraulic reel

  3. Derrickl112

    MI M1074 PLS Crane

  4. Derrickl112

    MI Hannay hydraulic reel

    Hannay dual hose retractable reel. 20’ of 1/2” hose. $350 Buyer is responsible for arranging freight.
  5. Derrickl112

    M35A3 Transmission type?

    Does anyone know the adapter ring part number for the 545?
  6. Derrickl112

    MI 4x4 m35a3 w/air suspension - needs finishing

    4x4 m35a3 with full length frame and air suspension. Suspension work is done. Lost interest in finishing it. What still needs to be done: -rebuild transmission -make new rear axle brake lines -make new rear driveshaft. What you get: Bobbed m35a3 1 gallon of brake fluid A2 spring seat for...
  7. Derrickl112

    MI M1074 PLS Crane

    Includes remote and cable. $5000
  8. Derrickl112

    Building a Long bed bobber

    That looks like a c&c equipment truck. I kept the full length frame on my a3. As for the driveshaft, I will be going with a carrier bearing.
  9. Derrickl112

    Freightliner or other commercial chassis road tractor?

    M915a2/a3/a4/a5 are freightliners.
  10. Derrickl112

    No boat forum?

    I need one of these to pull behind my fl80.
  11. Derrickl112

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Suspension is finished.
  12. Derrickl112

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Yes, the leafs will be secured with U bolts. The shock mounts and track bar have not been mounted yet. This was just a mock up to see how everything looked.
  13. Derrickl112

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Today I did a mock up of the A3’s new suspension.
  14. Derrickl112

    power driven trailer

  15. Derrickl112

    Anyone ever exported a Deuce to Canada?

    What about importing an Amercian deuce back to the US from Canada?
  16. Derrickl112

    some 5 tons at work

    Last Activity12-28-2017
  17. Derrickl112

    LED panel lighting redux

  18. Derrickl112

    Commercial Truck Cab on a 5 ton

    How about a 10 ton?
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