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  1. terratek

    It's been a while.. M151 project

    Ok to start off with, this project is probably about the worst thing that could happen to an m151, but, i like it. Picked up a sand rail m151 recently at auction... Am already getting help over at g838, but I figured I would see if anyone can id what vehicle this pioneer rack came off of. It...
  2. terratek

    M109A3 from Gatesville, TX to San Antonio, TX

    Won an m109a3 on gp, no clue if it's running due to conflicting information in the inspection. This is my first time filling out an EUC, so i am not sure when I will need transport. If anyone is in the area and can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. terratek

    1967 Navy CN40 Platform Truck

    Figured I would start a build and documentation thread as this seems to be a pretty rare one. It was bought by the po 30 or so years ago and used as a farm truck, about a year ago the clutch and brakes went and he couldn't find anyone to work on it. I ended up getting it onto the car hauler...
  4. terratek

    Yet another texan

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster. I just picked up a 1967 cn-40-a with a wisconsin 4 cylinder. Pretty much all of the wiring has been chewed up, brakes are shot, and clutch is out. At the very least it should be a fun project :) Am hoping to restore it to near original condition, but...
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