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  1. jcappeljr

    My M931A1 conversion to a dump truck

    looks good,nice job..
  2. jcappeljr

    M998 air in fuel line

    That's a real job,just did it yesterday.
  3. jcappeljr

    Hello from Pa

    Howdy from DELTA.PA.
  4. jcappeljr

    Bobbed 939 factory length

    Yes,Full length bed..
  5. jcappeljr

    Bobbed 939 factory length

    Search, Appel built beach bobbed limo.Back in 2013 we did 1.
  6. jcappeljr

    Bobbed 939 factory length

    I have.I just need to find pics.I think I did a thread on it.
  7. jcappeljr


    Moxleys in Street,md.410-457-4000
  8. jcappeljr

    Photos of My M916

    here ya go.Not stealing your thread,just posted a couple pics of mine.
  9. jcappeljr

    Stuck in the can...

    I have picked up alot of transfer cases by that one place,using a small clevis.
  10. jcappeljr

    M931A2 bobbed / plow truck / dump

    I have bobbed a lot of 5 tons,A m931 works great because u don't need to shorten it like you said.
  11. jcappeljr

    M931A2 bobbed / plow truck / dump

    If you need them,I have a set of front springs with hangers with u bolts for sale in the classifieds.
  12. jcappeljr

    Appels m916a2 hooklift truck

    I have 3 other hooklift trucks,needed a dump for some up coming work.I took this hooklift unit off and mounted it on a 2006 chevy c8500 4x4 truck.
  13. jcappeljr

    Appels m916a2 hooklift truck

    Well i recently removed the hooklift and converted it to a dump truck.It works great.
  14. jcappeljr

    Goat Goes North

    I miss that goat,I wish I had kept it.....
  15. jcappeljr

    New Fella from PA!

  16. jcappeljr

    New guy, 1 each

  17. jcappeljr

    M915 series, pictures of your toys

    Here you go.M916A2 with hooklift ,I put together.
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