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    MRAP Caiman Plus Tires

    MRAP Caiman BAE Anyone with thoughts on tires that go on this beast. It is one of the LEO acquisitions for the local police departments. I am having a hard time finding military surplus Goodyear MVT Load range L tires that it currently has on it. Load range G are pretty common in the same size...
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    m932a2 trailer question

    We are looking at receiving a GTY50FS, NSN 2330-00-255-6343 50 ton low bed trailer. We can get this trailer at no cost. I realize that the trailer is rated for way more than the truck can haul. We would only be using it at a reduced payload. Does anyone see any other complications with using...
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    M929A2 crankshaft seal replace

    Hello all, we are attempting to replace the crankshaft seal and front cover seal on our M929A2 with the 8.3L. Could someone be so kind to point me to the part of the TM for this Engine Service? I looked and can only find parts. We are looking for the torque specs on the front cover bolts and...
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    MEP-017A Starting Problems

    After tinkering with two of these gen sets we got for free. One genset has a K3 relay that is bad. These things are hard to find. Has anybody rewired to still have the starter work on this Gen Set? Any diagrams or feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks. Dan
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