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    MA MEP-831A WiFi Remote Start / Governor Controllers

    WiFi Remote Start Controller / Governor Controller Kits For use in MEP-831A Generators WiFi Remote Control, 2-Wire Start/Stop, Governor Controller all in one! The new product combines all the features of my MEP-831A Governor Controller plus all the features of the WiFi Remote Start & Parameter...
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    MA MEP-802/MEP-803A Remote Start Kits

    Remote Start Controller Kits For use in MEP-802A & MEP-803A Generators WiFi Remote Control & 2-Wire Start/Stop Features include: · Remote genset Start/Stop via WIFI via cell phone, laptop, tablet · Direct WiFi communication. No router needed. Works during power failures. ·...
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    MA MEP-831A Governor Controllers (SLC100, 2990-01-477-1371, 98-19539)

    Replacement Governor Controller Modules for the SLC100 Part Numbers 2990-01-477-1371, 98-19539 Used in MEP-831A & MEP-832A Generators $130 plus $7 Priority Shipping in the US Shipping outside the US will be actual shipping cost PayPal & Checks accepted. Orders can be placed by email or by...
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    MA MEP-831A Battery Charger Repair & Charger Repair Kits

    MEP-831A Battery Charger Repair & Charger Repair Kits MEP-831A Battery Charger TRC 29380, 98-19626, 98-19715, 6130-01-476-9148 Have a defective MEP-831A Battery Charger that needs repair? Or would you like a spare charger electronics assembly to have on hand to do your own charger repair? Or...
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    MEP-831A Battery Charger

    Anyone have a defective MEP-831A battery charger available? I need one I can partly disassemble to do some reverse engineering. I'd pay for shipping. If it's fixable I'll repair it and return it to you. (Posting here instead of classifieds since no one would likely look in the parts wanted...
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    MEP-831A Oil Pressure Sender Suggestions

    Looking for suggestions for a oil pressure sender (not a switch) for a MEP-831A. 1/8 NPT, reasonably priced, with either a nut/bolt terminal or spade connection. Resistance of sender not critical.
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    MEP-802/803/831 Generator Control & Parameter Monitor by WIFI Demo

    Since my venture into developing the replacement MEP831A Governor Controllers was a success I thought I'd revisit MEP remote start/stop with parameter monitoring. About 2 years ago I developed a similar capability. However the control components were a closed design, didn't use WIFI and was not...
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    MEP-8xx in White Ford RT 495 Massachusetts

    Spotted what looked like a nice MEP-8xx being hauled in the bed of a white Ford SuperDuty on RT 495 here in Mass. Anyone here on SS?
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    MEP-831A SLC100 Governor Controller Replacement Prototype

    MEP-831A SLC100 Governor Controller Having purchased a couple of MEP-831A's I found that the SLC100 Governor Controllers are problem prone. The two Tier 2 Reset units I purchased with just 2 hrs on the clock both randomly exhibited surging issues as well as random WOT issues. Adjustment of...
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    MEP-831A Governor Controller Voltages. TM Typo?

    Got a MEP-831A that I suspect has a bum governor controller. Was reading the TM -13&P and I suspect there is a typo regarding voltages that should be seen on the controllers D & E LOAD input terminals. TM 9-6115-639-13&P dated 30 APRIL 2010 page 19-1 paragraph 3. PDF page 160. It reads... 3...
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    MEP-831A 120 Volt output Loading?

    When the inverter voltage output switch is set to 120V what is the allowable current loading on L1 & L2 terminals? I understand the max current at 120 volts is spec'd at 31 amps. Can 31 amps be drawn from say L1-L0? Or can L1-L0 only provide 15.5 amps max and L2-L0 only provide 15.5 amps max? I...
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    GLA Invoice

    A GLA auction closed yesterday at 4:00 PM. Won a couple of gen sets. :-D Credit card already on GLA system for payment. When does the Invoice usually become available on-line for downloading after a auction closes?
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    Wireless AutoStart with Remote Parameter Monitoring

    Another thread here inspired me to design and build a remote start and generator parameter reporting system for my 802 to use in conjunction with my PV battery bank solar charging system and thought this may be of interest to other Mep owners. I've designed, built and coded the 802 Autostart...
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    MEP-80sa Mystery Items in Aux Fuel Storage Compartment

    Found these wrapped up in tape inside the Aux Fuel Hose storage compartment. Any idea what they are?
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    MEP-802A Outlet Circuit Breaker #3?

    Got my 802A running today :-) I plugged in a 1,000 watt heater into the outlet and within a couple of seconds the heater stopped. No power at the outlet. According to the schematic CB3 controls the power to the out. I looked all around the control box and no CB3 to be found. What I did find...
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    Ft Meade - Good Guys

    Bought my first MEP-802A and picked it up at Ft Meade on 3/24/14. I dealt with both Dan and John there with arranging a pickup date/time and the actual pick up of the genset. Both guys were very pleasant and helpful. :-D Upon arrival I checked in with John, he had the paperwork all ready and...
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