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    Red dot wiring schematic and pics of wiring for blower unit

    Anyone have a wiring schmatic for the red dot r2400. Going to need to make my own harness. Not sure which wires are which coming out of unit. Thanks
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    Red dot ac r2400

    Anyone know where I can get a wiring harness for the red dot r2500 unit. Purchased unit and there is not a harness. Or does someone make aftermarket ones that work as well?
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    Snorkel stack

    Bought used high exhaust and snorkel stack. Anyone know of a place or person that has the stack bracket and bolts for the exhaust connections. Bother the stack and exhaust have the bracket welded to them but I need the correct bolts and appears the bracket for the stack that attaches. And...
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    Cold spring ac with red dot blower unit?

    Looking at an ac system for the Humvee. Redot unit using a cold spring compressor and fans 24v. Can pick one up for good price. Any thoughts?
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    Finally got the Humvee off road!!!

    Finally did some off-roading today. All I can say is wow. Went through mud, sand, water with no trouble at all. Steep inclines in and out and just pulled through. So fun. Went down a pretty steep incline into a creek and then climbed out the other side. Water and sand. Never had a...
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    To paint or not?

    Trying to decide if I should keep it all tan or paint flat black with the tan soft top and doors. Thinking it would look nice painted. Paint is scratched in areas, was touched up by army with a different color of tan in areas. and needs to be repainted anyways. Question being if it’s...
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    Successful registration in Texas!!!

    texas rocks!!! texas rocks
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    Hmmwv overheating 220-240

    Just picked up Humvee and drove today. Temps were hovering in 220s then jumped to 240. Outside temp 75. Cut it off and let it cool down. Drives like a champ other that heating up. No leaks. Read through couple threads on here. Unplugged the delay mechanism To force fan to run...
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    EUC Finally cleared

    Well finally got the email that my EUC has CLEARED!!! Sent EUC 9/12/17, received approval 11/21/17. Seems like a long time in the waiting but complies with what gov planet timeframe for approval. have shipping lined up, should get it next week sometime, super excited. Found a mechanic that...
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    Finally Got a HMMWV for decent price.

    Seems it's an 1989 with 6,5 L 4 door m998. Feel Like I got a steal. Will know more when it gets cleared For Pickup and delivery. Inspection was decent with only seatbelt and some paint needing immediate care. Already ordered both. Plan on putting high back seats. How do you post pics?
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