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    Drawing for free books

    Hi everyone - My wife Denise and I are having a drawing for the winner's choice of $50 worth of the books that I have written. Sign up for our newsletter and enter the drawing free by clicking the link on our homepage of Our last drawing - (yesterday, 8 December) was...
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    What do you want to know about five-ton history?

    Greetings all, After over a decade of work, my five-ton (M41/54/656/809/939 et al) book is now rushing headlong toward completion. This book will be similar to my two-volume Dodge set from a couple years ago. After having been deeply immersed in this subject so long, I fear that in some cases...
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    What do YOU want to know about G-742 history?

    Greetings all, After over a decade and a half of work, my G-742 (M34/35/A1/A2/A3 et al) book is now rushing headlong toward completion. This book will be similar to my two-volume Dodge set from a couple years ago. After having been deeply immersed in this subject so long, I fear that in some...
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    David Doyle Books in South Bend, Indiana May 5-6

    Hi guys, For those interested, Denise and I will be set up in the Esther Singer Exhibit Hall on the 4-H Fairgrounds May 4-6, 2017. We have our full range of books available, including Dodge, half-track, CCKW, M151 volumes. The event is the 53rd Annual Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet...
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    Books in Indianapolis

    David Doyle Books in Indianapolis Hi everyone, Denise and I will be set up vending books this Saturday (March 11) at the Roscoe Turner IPMS Show at the Raymond Park Middle School, 8575 East Raymond St., Indianapolis. We will have our full range of books (100 or so different titles) - so if any...
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    Dodge book deal

    Greetings friends, In order to fund a new research project, I am offering special pricing on a combination of my two-volume (1100 pages) set of Dodge books. These books cover the military Dodge from the pre-WWII VC series all the way up through the G-741 vehicles. Not just the M37, but the...
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    My lowest price ever

    Just in time for the holidays, a special purchase has allowed us to put together our best price ever on my DUKW and CCKW books. Quantities are limited, so don’t hesitate in taking advantage of this limited time, never to be repeated deal! Visit Happy Thanksgiving to...
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    David Doyle in Downers Grove, Il with books

    Hi Guys, I will have a vendor stand at the Butch O'Hare show Saturday 12 November 2016 in Downers Grove, Illinois. The show is from 9 until 3:30 at the Lakeview Jr. High, 701 Plainfield Rd. Admission is only $5. While the event is held at a Junior High - make no mistake, these are not the...
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    Free M151 book - and free shipping

    Hi Friends, I am pleased to announce the launch of free Media Mail shipping on orders of three or more books from my website - and also some special pricing on some titles for November. My M151 book is one of the items that is offered free. Best wishes, David Doyle
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    BMW and Zundapp motorcycles

    Hello friends, After several months - or rather years - of waiting my German Motorcycles of WWII book has arrived from the printer. The 128-page color and black and white book covers the following: Zundapp KS750 and the following BMW models: R4, R12, R35, R71, R75. The book is available...
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    Buy one get one Free HMMWV books

    Hello Steel Soldiers! I was able to get my hands on a few more copies of my books, and have thus extended the Buy one get one free sale on my HMMWV books. The offer is buy a copy of my 120-page color "High Mobility - a Visual History of the US Army's High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle"...
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    Red Ball Rally in Gilbert PA

    Any other Steel Soldiers attending the annual Red Ball Gilbert, PA show? Set up is September 15, show dates 16-17. Each year the event emphasizes a particular vehicle or two - this year it is the M151 and the M422 Mite. I'll be there - inside the building. Although weather is usually clear...
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    My new Kubelwagen - Schwimmwagen Visual History book

    At last, my new Visual History series book which covers the Kubelwagen and the Schwimmwagen, has arrived. This is a 136-page book, which could not have been done without the considerable help of the members of the KubelKorps group. While there are several pages of archival photos, the bulk...
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    New ten-ton (M123A1C, etc.) book

    Hi Guys, No sooner than my "Big Mack" book, about the Mack M125 and NO prime movers came out a couple years ago, folks were asking me "what about the tractors?" For a long time, my answer was "be patient." Well, the long wait is ALMOST over....the book should be available by the end of the...
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    My new book - Vietnam Gun Trucks

    Hi Guys, Many of you have been asking me (for 4-5 years!) to let it be known when my book on Vietnam Gun Trucks is available. Well, I am pleased to say that time is NOW, the Gun Truck books have arrived! Primarily in color, several never previously published photos of Deuces, 5-tons, Dodges...
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    Carnac - you have mail

    Carnac, I have a package I need to send to you - check your PM and shoot me your mailing address please. Thanks, David Doyle
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    Studebaker, S-P, CW & Utica Bend Contract numbers

    Hi guys, I am trying to tie up a few loose ends on a project. I am looking for contract numbers for Studebaker, Studebaker-Packard, Utica-Bend and Curtiss Wright built trucks. This is the contract number only, not serial number nor hood number, or bumper number. The ones I have so far are...
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    IH contract numbers

    Hey guys, I am beginning a new research project. As a part of this, I am looking for International Harvester (only, at this time) contract numbers on five tons (not manufacturer's serial numbers - but contract numbers). If ya'll could check your data plates and post this info (or email it to...
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    Only 21 days 'til the big show!!!!

    In only 21 days the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka will be filling with almost 150 operational military vehicles - tanks, halftracks, Jeeps, HMMWVs - AND even more armor models! If you are within a few hundred miles, it will be well-worth driving, flying, swimming, walking, hitch-hiking or...
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    Gazing into a crystal ball.........

    I thought about writing this up for one of the mags - but decided here may be a better, or at least more timely, place to "publish" this missive. It may piss some off - that is not the intent. Rather, this is merely food for thought. I am fortunate in that my work and my hobby are somewhat...
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