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  1. BKubu

    Simp's M915A1 Build Thread

    Wes, after putting a lot of miles on it, how do you like the stock transmission vs. the 16 speed CAT transmission? Are you planning to leave the existing transmission in the truck?
  2. BKubu

    Driving a personal Humvee on the streets while national guard is deployed in state

    That is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  3. BKubu

    M116A3 Jack Leg repair

    Looks great, Howard!
  4. BKubu

    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    PM is inbound.
  5. BKubu

    M116A3 Jack Leg repair

    I believe CUCVFAN has some repro handles. PM him if interested.
  6. BKubu

    Value? 1967 M51 Dump Truck

    I concur with Rich (Ajax MD). Get yourself the troop seat kit (it comes with the troop seats, bows, and cargo cover) and then you have a dump and a cargo truck all in one! I have one more troop seat kit. Send me a PM if interested.
  7. BKubu

    California Road Legal Title Crack-Down

    The problem, Will, is that the horse is out of the barn already with regard to the off-road use only stipulation. There are hundreds, probably thousands, on the road already. I don't see people turning in their tags if they already have their trucks registered. Now, many state DMVs are unsure...
  8. BKubu

    Ran your 7 Ton out of fuel?

    Thanks, Jon.
  9. BKubu

    Ran your 7 Ton out of fuel?

    Thanks, Jon.
  10. BKubu

    Ran your 7 Ton out of fuel?

    Thanks for your reply. I was referring to this in JonM934's thread: "even though in small print it said that the government sold it as off road only."
  11. BKubu

    Ran your 7 Ton out of fuel?

    The SF-97 for your MTVR was marked for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY???
  12. BKubu

    California Road Legal Title Crack-Down

    I am unsure what the AAMVA meetings look like, but I assume they are like most conferences with presentations. If so, having someone like TMOMW attend to present the facts would be beneficial. In that case, we would have to pay for his time, travel, and expenses. I heard that this meeting is...
  13. BKubu

    Modern Russian Army in the photos.

    I can't even begin to tell you how terrible Stoli is once you've had real Russian vodka. My wife is Russian and my in-laws bring a few bottles every time they come, not to mention when I was there we had a different bottle every night! To say real Russian vodka it is smooth is doing it a...
  14. BKubu

    Need M200 trailer picked up from Chambersburg, PA

    I assume this is at a GP site. They have been fairly flexible with my in the past on scheduling. The big thing is that they want to know you are working on it. Of course, it is possible that their policies have changed.
  15. BKubu

    Known Manufacturers of HMMWV Soft Covers and Tops?

    Try the John Johnson Company. I know GMA Cover Corp. went out of business, unfortunately. They were always my go-to.
  16. BKubu

    Source for M101A2/3 crank handle for landing leg?

    PM CUCVFAN; I believe he may have one.
  17. BKubu

    2540-00-301-7267 Artic kit Anybody know where I can get one of these?

    I have an NOS fuel burning cab heater kit for an M35A2. I also have most of the NOS kit for the fuel burning heater for the cargo area (bed). If you are interested, PM me.
  18. BKubu

    M936 Tug-o-war, spade use vid.

    Interesting video. Thanks, Howard!
  19. BKubu

    What year is it, REALLY?

    I wonder if the first series of numbers are the registration number, and the last numbers are the VIN. In that case, 200189 COULD BE your VIN.
  20. BKubu

    FMTV SRW recovery pictures

    Please post it. Thanks!
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