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  1. Wolfen

    Oregon members?

    I'm south of you in Woodburn.
  2. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Thank you. I will supply the parts of course. That's only fair.
  3. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    After I get the tank back in and the truck running, I will call a couple of community colleges and see if they are interested. I have also heard, that a state prison about 30 miles from here does mechanical work. Trying to teach the inmates a trade.
  4. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Managed to get the gas tank lined. Now I have to get the tank installed. Was Planning on doing that today, but the electricity was off most of the day. Couldn't run the lights in the shop. Thinking about giving up and selling it. Hard enough to find the time to work on it without the power...
  5. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    I got it at NAPA. They ordered it from a place in Portland.
  6. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Got the fuel tank removed. I am working on it today with a fuel tank kit to get it cleaned out and coated.
  7. Wolfen

    1941 Bren Carrier, Type 1

  8. Wolfen

    M3a1 scout car survivor

  9. Wolfen

    Turned away from camp grounds??

    Definitely following.
  10. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    I dropped the fuel tank yesterday. I will clean it out and scrape off the loose paint on the exterior and then spray paint the bare spots. I have heard of a coating that you can apply to the interior of the fuel tank to keep it from rusting. But I searched NAPA's website, and couldn't find any...
  11. Wolfen

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    Love the pictures.
  12. Wolfen

    All Military Vehicles banned from road in Maryland

    I live in Oregon and purchased a WC63 last year. I had no trouble getting a title and registration for it. The only restriction is, that it is a historic veichle, meaning that I'm not supposed to drive it everyday.
  13. Wolfen

    We should have had this in WW2

    Could have been very useful. Would have needed more testing to make sure it was reliable and to expose any defects.
  14. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Good advice.
  15. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Indeed I do.
  16. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Things are at a standstill right now as I have pretty much reached the end of my skills and/or tools. I think I have identified the cause of the stalling when warm. The fuel filter was plugged with crud from the gas tank. I replaced the in line filter and cleaned out the sediment bowl. Seems to...
  17. Wolfen

    G-7105 and K-51 Panel van Community - search for owners!

    Still following.
  18. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    The one on the far right top is the closest. I'll keep it in mind. I'll be going by a boat place the Saturday after thanksgiving to take a look at what they have.
  19. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Not even close unfortunately. Here is what I am looking for. It's "3 long and the loop, is "1 in diameter. There is a lever on the back, that opens and closes it.
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