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    802 wiring question

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    802 wiring question

    No. That part is the panel mount side of the connector pair P6/J6. It does not come apart. J6 is bolted to the pan of the cube. The body of J6 simply holds the contacts for P6 to connect to and has the threads for the P6 collar to screw onto. The part sticking up from J6 is just a strain...
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    MEP 802A No start. very little fuel through pump.

    The -10 TM table 1 specifies.... Normal Operating Temperature 170-200 °F (77-93 °C) My 802 runs at 180 +/- when warmed up.
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    802 wiring question

    To disconnect the P6 from J6 you need to open the door to the right of where the output lugs are. P6 will be visible above the intake air deflector immediately below J6 in your picture. To disconnect P6 from J6 turn the knurled collar on P6 closest to the sheet metal to unlock P6. It is usually...
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    Help me identify a missing component in Mep 831a

    What you are missing is the Contactor. It's a high current relay that sends power from the inverter to the output lugs. The the item with the blue sticker on it below. Be careful. Some of those disconnected wires have 120 and/or 240 volts on them!
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    MEP-802a Voltage regulation

    Withe the set running and no load applied you should see the following approximate voltages at the regulators terminals. 1 to 2. 1.07 vac 3 to 4 120 vac 5 to 6 5 vDC 7 to 8 69 vac I suspect the issue with your set is that the 120 vac that's suppose to go to the regulator on terminals 4 & 4...
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    MEP-803A replacement gauges and other items

    Digikey carries that switch. Switch
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    MA MEP-831A WiFi Remote Start / Governor Controllers

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    MA MEP-802/MEP-803A Remote Start Kits

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    MA MEP-831A Battery Charger Repair & Charger Repair Kits

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    So I bought a GB125 gen set and cant find anything on it.

    From my search's so far it appears it was used to power mining operations equipment.
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    Here is an explaination of the pins on A2 and what they do. The 24 VDC voltages noted below are approximate values. P4-1 Battle Short This is an input to A2 from S7 the Battle Short Switch. With BS OFF this pin will be at 24 VDC. With BS ON this pin will be at 0 VDC. With BS ON it inhibits A2...
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    PM me your email. I thought you were someone else! edit: Email with schematics sent! You need to put enough fuel in it to get the Low Fuel fault to go away. Sometimes the flat sticks so you may need to reach in the tank and jiggle the appropriate float. The Low Fuel Fault to trip K12 and...
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    The schematics in the newer -13 TM are hard to read but the schematic in an older version is easy to read. I always use the older TM when needing to look at the schematic. I just generated a PDF of readable schematics and emailed them to you just now via email.
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    When pull starting and the batteries are missing or dead you have to manually lift the actuator off the magnet, pin the actuator into the manual start position, hit the compression release valve, move S1 to Run, pull start it. K12's LED will be on once it starts. Once it starts toggle S1...
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    The Governor Controller A5 module is responsible for making the actuator to lift off the magnet when you start the set when using the electric start. If it's not lifting off the magnet then there may be an issue with the Governor Controller. They are prone to being flakey or go bad. There may...
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    The reason it won't shut down even with the Emergency Stop button is because the K12 Fault relay is tripped. When it's tripped it kills power to the generator controls including the Governor Controller (GC). Normal shutdown requires the GC to have power and when S1 is moved to STOP that action...
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    Mep 805A S5 Closed/Open Circuit Switch Part Number Please.

    You ought to download the TM's for your set to look part numbers up. It's TM 9-6115-644-24P The PN's relative to that switch are: 5930-01-368-2893 8906K4519 88-21076
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    831a with no power to the lugs.

    OK, problem is that K12's LED is ON meaning the set has detected a Fault. When there is a Fault the set will not allow the contactor to be closed under normal conditions. Are any of the Fault Monitor lamps illuminated? Are you pull starting the set or using the starter?
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