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  1. Lex_Ordo

    M923 Air Pressure not building past 45 PSI...ANy IDEAS?

    Good afternoon everyone. I am picking up two M923 trucks on Tuesday from Ft Dix. The Disposition Site Manager called me to tell me that one of the trucks, will not release the Spring Brakes because the air pressure will not build higher than 45 PSI. I asked him if there was a leak, or if a...
  2. Lex_Ordo

    11.00 R 20 Tires on M35A3 wheels???

    Simply asked, are the rim/ wheels supplied with the M35A3 extended service program trucks able to fit the M35A2 11.00 R 20 tires used on the older split rim wheels that are so common on the A2 dueces? I have an A3 truck with the standard 14.5 super singles that come on all M35A3 trucks, but...
  3. Lex_Ordo

    HMMWV Red-Dot A/C - Water Drain

    The local PD got a 1987 M998, and is now in service with new paint and decals. It came out really ncie, for a used truck. It was up-armored for pre-deployment training, and came with the Red-Dot A/C unit to keep the cabin cool. What I have been noticing is that when the A/C runs, and as the...
  4. Lex_Ordo

    6TL Batteries and 6TMF Batteries

    6TL Batteries and 6TMF Batteries; Is there a difference? I have 6TL batts in my duece, and want to replace 6TMF batts in the M998 HMMWV. Too make things easier, I just assume use the 6TL batts because I have a local source. Visa versa, if the Duece can take the 6TMF batts, then I would like to...
  5. Lex_Ordo

    HMMWV VIN Numbers

    I picked up an Up-Armored side & rear M998 yesterday at Ft. Dix. I'm looking for information on where to locate the VIN? The M998 dataplate is barely readable. Would it be stamped on the frame like much like a duece? I am a Duece guy and know the M35 intimately, but this is new, and so requires...
  6. Lex_Ordo

    Ny Approach, this is Shuttle Enterprise.

    Taken yesterday, 27 APR 2012, on Reed Street, Brooklyn, as Boeing 747-100SCA (Shuttle Carrier Aircraft) N905NA, ferried Space Shuttle Enterprise on her back over NY Harbor. What a sight!!!
  7. Lex_Ordo

    M101 cdn ID Marking

    Can anyone else verify this number on the underside of their M101 CDN 2, 1/4 ton Canadian MIlitary Trailer? I found it stamped under the left side steel plate, which is mounted above the leaf spring and connects to the spring hanger bushing. It faces down, and is read as if the trailer was...
  8. Lex_Ordo

    Aberdeen, Thursday, 12 May 2011

    I have some things in the classified if anyone is looking. I will be in Aberdeen on Thursday & Friday 12 & 13 of May. Hope to see you there.
  9. Lex_Ordo

    parking brake springs

    Anyone have a trick to attaching the small parking brake spring from the adjustment screw on the frame to the shoe on top of the drum? It is awfully tight, and I'm sure someone has a trick to installing it. *NOTE - I'm not talking about the long spring that goes from the arm to the frame.
  10. Lex_Ordo

    5 Ton chasis frame number location??

    I have been trying to locate the information using the search, however I am finding negative results. Could someone tell me where I can look on a 5 Ton M816 Wrecker, to find the Chasis/ VIN number? I'm told the truck in question is titled already, but the data plate is missing, I am trying to...
  11. Lex_Ordo

    Flasher Problem

    As the title states, I have a flasher problem. Let me explain what I have... I replaced my front markers, b/out headlight, and rear taillights with Grote LEDs, about 18 months ago. I have had no issues with them, they work great and are nice and bright. Recently (like within the last month...
  12. Lex_Ordo

    Newest M416 1/4 ton???

    Does anyone know what the newest model year would haqe been for the 1/4 ton M416 trailers? My reading points to 1968, but I didn't know if the trailers were made into the 70's or 80's. The canadian trailer I have was built in 1992, which kept it from getting beat up, and rotting. Since the...
  13. Lex_Ordo

    M35A3 Dash Panel

    Has anyone installed the A3 dash panel in their A2? I don't think the New type electric Tachometer has any way to attach to the Multi-fuel motor, but the panel itself, allows for a " Low Air Warning Light ", as well as an " Emergency Brake Light" , on the panel. The Low air isn't a problem...
  14. Lex_Ordo

    Show us your Military Trailers

    Let us post pics of our Military Trailers to show the different designs, colors, and how you tow them. 1st, the pics. 2nd, model and year 3rd, Country 4th, Do you tow using a military vehicle only, or a both a military vehicle and a civilian vehicle? It will give prospective owners ideas...
  15. Lex_Ordo

    Dash Panel Lenses

    So I bought some of the different color Dash Panel Lenses, to spruce up my duece. I used Blue for my High Beams, and Amber for my Air Shift Front Axle engagement. They add a little bit of color to the all green interior. Red looked cool instead of the Amber, but I already have the green...
  16. Lex_Ordo

    Clear Blue Dash Light Lenses

    I bought some of the Clear Red lenses recently from Frank's Surplus on eBay and want to also get about 6 or 8 of the clear blue lenses. He doesn't have them. Does anyone have a good source for New, clear blue dash light lenses? Nice thing about the clear red or blue is that you can paint the...
  17. Lex_Ordo

    Deuce Speedo Cable

    Has anyone replaced their duece's speedo/odometer cable? Just curoius if there was any hiccups that popped up that I should look out for.
  18. Lex_Ordo

    Source for New Old Stock Plastic Battery Boxes

    So if anyone knows of a place to buy them, that would be helpful. I have one now that came on my truck, but I am looking to replace with NOS. Because I restored my truck to Show condition, the Box should look the part too. I did a search on the manufacturer, CAGE 0WUR2 which comes back to Mobile...
  19. Lex_Ordo

    Canadian Trailer Designation???

    So I have the 1/4 ton trailer M101 CDN2. I've seen reference to the M104 CDN3. Curious as to what the CDN designations mean in the canadian military. CDN 2 vs CDN 3, and why is the M104 follwed by CDN 3 and the M101 is followed by the CDN 2? Is it only the trailers that have this CDN...
  20. Lex_Ordo

    Deuce water jacket, cylinder head

    Has anyone pulled the water jacket that the flame heater is mounted to? Seems that there are two short hoses that connect up to the manifold and run the hot water out of the heads into the radiator. I am toying with the idea of changing them. They were replaced when the motor was rebuilt at...
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