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    Denver Auto Show

    For those of you in Colorado, the Denver auto show is April 4 thru 8. The Military Vehicle Collectors of Colorado will have a display of historic military vehicles in the main hall. I am bringing my Vietnam tribute gun truck "Grim Reaper", from the 4th ID, which is currently stationed at Ft...
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    WC52 storage compartments

    I just acquired a 1942 Dodge WC52 and noticed that the four compartments under the troop seats are open. Are these supposed to have some sort of cover (wood or metal) to keep out rain, dirt, trash, etc.? I can find no pictures or info in the TMs I have.
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    G506 restoration and M2 decon apparatus

    I am restoring a G506 and found an M2 Decontamination Apparatus. I would like to know if the M2 was mounted on the G506s and if so, where?
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