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  1. Warthog

    Another DUWK accident - Woman killed

    Here we go again.
  2. Warthog

    CUCV2/CUCV-II Owners, post pics and info of your truck

    Stonepicker1 started an LSSV thread a few years ago but no one started a CUCV2 thread. There are Pickups, Crewcabs, Blazers and Suburbans. The pickups are usually 6.5L TD and the Blazers and...
  3. Warthog

    M973 susv

    While it isn't a tank or armored it is tracked. I wonder when they will show up on GP?
  4. Warthog

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Since the CUCVs, Deuces and 5-Tons have their threads I guess it is time for the HMMWVs to have one also. I dont have one so I have done nothing to mine. So post them up.
  5. Warthog

    WB-57 - A Cold War relic but still flying
  6. Warthog

    CUCV Glow Plug Controller cards - Black Friday Sale

    Anyone needing/wanting one of AntennaClimber's new production glow plug controller cards They are on sale for Black Friday. $25 off the list price. That is a 25% savings. I have used these myself and they are top shelf!!!
  7. Warthog

    B-52 Turns 60

    Found this today. Thought I would share.
  8. Warthog

    Official '15 Ga. Rally Multimedia thread

    Some members are arriving early and need a place to post videos and pictures for those of us that can't attend this year. Post'em up.
  9. Warthog

    CUCV - Rosscommon 24v to 12v Conversion

    There is a company called Rosscommon Equipment Center that has been retrofitting MVs to fire fighting usages for years. One of their conversions was to change out the CUCVs (not the M1010s) 24v electrical system to a more standard 12v system. This...
  10. Warthog

    What model is it

    Found a couple of pictures of this 809 series but I have never seen one with a pole-setter on the back. The wheel cut outs on the bed don't look right. Maybe it is just an optical illusion. Frankenstein? Any ideas?
  11. Warthog

    Air Force One and Marine One

    Living close to Tinker AFB I see and hear many aircraft. Most days we have B52s, B1s (not everyday), many AWACS and of course all the fighters coming and going. Back in the day we would even get to see the Space Shuttle riding piggyback. Something we do not get to see everyday is Air Force One...
  12. Warthog

    How To - Manual Glow Plug Switch

    The stock system works this way: The stock GP relay is internally grounded. It does not use the mounting bracket for its ground. It needs a power source and a ground source. If you use an external ground relay (ie ford relay), you glow plugs will be on all the time and will burn out quickly...
  13. Warthog

    2015 Bethany, OK - July 4th Parade

    Looks like it is that time of year again to plan for the 4th of July Parades. This year we are once again going to partake in the Bethany Parade. Here is a link to past events.
  14. Warthog

    HMMWV Titling

    With the new sales of HMMWVs from GovPlanet and Govliquidation many people are asking on how to title them for on-road use. The government is allowing these trucks to be sold by the auction sites but with the restriction that they are for OFF-ROAD use only and WILL NOT be titled for on-road...
  15. Warthog

    Rivet Nuts or Riv-Nuts

    Have you ever removed a bolt and had the welded nut or the rivet nut come loose? I had one the other day do it to me. I was working on a windshield wiper washer and the welded nut on the fender came loose. Darn. Opened the hole slightly and ground off the welds Broke out the D-100-MIL-1...
  16. Warthog

    Weather Warthog

    Looks like I am not the only Warthog in Oklahoma. I wonder if they will take me for a ride.
  17. Warthog

    picture testing

    Picture uploading is acting wacky this morning. test
  18. Warthog

    CUCV Fuse Box Layout

    There are some errors in the TM diagram for the CUCV fusebox. I will attempt to point them out as I find them Here is a "clean" fuse box with all the proper fuses and labels ITEM 2 - Hazard Flasher 3 - not used except for the M1010. The M1010 uses it for Ambulance Accessories 4 - no...
  19. Warthog

    Edmond OK Parade of Lights Dec 6, 2014

    That time of year again. The City of Edmond is having their Annual Holiday Parade of Lights. Saturday Dec 6th at 6:45pm. We are already signed up for a dozen trucks. The Oklahoma Convoy has been there the last three Parades. Last years parade was...
  20. Warthog

    Norman, OK - Veterans Day Parade, Sun Nov 9th, 2014

    Received the Veteran's Day Parade app the other day. Trying to decide if I will sign up this year as only one other person committed and then we canceled our participation at the last minute. Please let me know soon if you plan on attending so I can get the application turned in...
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