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  1. jeffhuey1n

    CH-53E HMH 772

    Woot woot!!! I’m in heaven! My old squadron dropped by the local airport. Haven’t seen these guys in decades. One thing never changes: if it ain’t leaking, there ain’t any oil left. Pics:
  2. jeffhuey1n

    Power for my Vic 1 and PRC-10

    I may be trotting on old ground here but... I have a Vic-1 system. To power it, I want the current to go through a MX-7778/GRC electrical suppressor. If possible, I want the current also go to my PRC-10 radio. The problem, as many already know, it the cable that goes from the battery to the...
  3. jeffhuey1n

    Another M151A1 Electric fuel pump Question.

    I have three of the in-tank M151A1 fuel pumps, part number 10950785. Question I have is how do I test them? I can’t really sell them if I can’t verify operability. I’ve checked the various TM’s with no luck. Depending on your TM copy, it’s in figure 21, item 10 of TM9-2320-218-34P dated 15...
  4. jeffhuey1n

    Strange parts

    I’ve got some oddball parts that I’m trying to identify. I’m really not sure what type vehicle they belong too. No part numbers have been found on these thing-a-mah-jigs. One is a drive shaft off something and the little doohickeys look like they help attach a dip stick in place. Perhaps you May...
  5. jeffhuey1n

    M151A2 wheel nuts

    I have a bag of “M151A2” lug nuts or that’s what the bag says. Can anyone verify that? Pics below:
  6. jeffhuey1n

    David Doyle: Chevrolet G506

    As I’m refurbishing a G506 Class 325 Fire Truck and finding info has been difficult. That was the case until Mr David Doyle released his Chevrolet G506 book. WOW! Amazing! Fabulous!!! It’s a very large, well laid out and a very comprehensive tome on all things G506. The pictures are the crucial...
  7. jeffhuey1n

    World War 2 Chevy panel hardware

    Howdy y’all! I’m looking for a source for the “cam” type screws used to hold the various internal and external panels, parts, etc. The attached picture chows the style of fastener I’m lookin fer. I’ll need various sizes because some of the bolts on my G506 Fire truck are 75 years old and are...
  8. jeffhuey1n

    Heater and A/C control box

    I’m not sure what vehicle this goes on. I thinks it’s a Humvee part but if I guessed wrong, please let me know. I picked this up as part of a bunch of stuff. Once I know what it’s used for, I can decide what to do with it. Here’s the pics:
  9. jeffhuey1n

    Handle Assembly

    I was sorting through the big pile of parts and found this doo-hicky. It’s definitely a doo-hicky. I thought it might be a thing-a-ma-jig but it didn’t have the correct part number. Through skillfull sleuthing and annoying perseverance, I figured it out. It’s a pieces part off a tank. What it...
  10. jeffhuey1n

    Parts And Radio

    I hit the paydirt on some M37 stuff. Got some radio gear, some drive shafts, bunch of gaskets, bearings, seals, etc. and other stuff I haven’t identified yet. I got all of it from the same estate that I bought the M37 from. Pictures below. In one of the photos is a buckle with a ships anchors...
  11. jeffhuey1n

    Vietnam Gun Jeep

    I was reading a book, “Vietnam, A Complete Photographic History” by Michael Maclear. Photographs edited by Hal Buell. On page 12, I found a picture of a pre-Vietnam War Gun Jeep. The picture is dated January 1947 and has the caption: “With a building burning in the background, French Soldiers...
  12. jeffhuey1n

    M37 hydraulic clutch?

    I can't seem to find anything on the subject so here it goes: the clutch pedal when depressed, actuates a hydraulic cylinder, similar to the brake master cylinder. It is in fact mounted just outboard of the brake master cylinder. A hose runs from the back of the "clutch cylinder" to a smaller...
  13. jeffhuey1n

    Fort DA Russel Days, Cheyenne Wyoming

    Been pretty nice the past couple days. No rains on the parade or the static displays. Here's some pics of War Wagon:
  14. jeffhuey1n

    Urgent 4th of July parade request

    Howdy All, Ft Collins Colorado is having a 4th of July Parade. Unfortunately, the group who was going to support them with military vehicles ha bailed out. If you are in the area of Northern Colorado or SE Wyoming and would like to participate, contact Marti at (307) 630-5010. As I understand...
  15. jeffhuey1n

    M37 Barn Find

    I found a M37, I think it's a M37B1. It's said to be a 1966 Fairly straight, has a winch, heater and trump seats. Top is in poor shape. Little to no rust. It has a couple "upgrades". One is a V8 engine and the other is power steering. We've already shaken hands on the deal, just waiting on the...
  16. jeffhuey1n

    5th wheel spacer

    Hi, I'm searching for a pair of 5th wheel spacers for the M52A2 5 ton tractor. As near as I can tell, these were only used on the M52. Here's the particulars: part number 11608882 NSN 5365-00-422-2017 description: 2 steel plates made of one inch material, 5 1/2 inches wide, 31 1/2 inches long...
  17. jeffhuey1n

    Awesome Vender in Utah!

    It's been a few weeks since my visit to Boyce Equipment. I want to pass on my thanks to Mark and Rene for all their help. I've been looking for a spare tire carrier for my M52A2. I'd heard about Boyce but could never get the time to stop by. After a sad visit to Oregon, we were passing right...
  18. jeffhuey1n

    M59 Gasser Dump Truck

    I can't remember posting anything on the dump truck. So I'll start anew. Got the truck some time ago. Finally got the list weeded down to the point I can work on it. Today was day one on trying to get it started. It was converted to 12 volt some time in the past. I grabbed a battery from the...
  19. jeffhuey1n

    Very Large Air Filter

    I came across an air filter I can't determine its application. The only info on it is Baldwin PA2538, anyone come across one of these that can identify it? Pics below. There's a pic of each end, a full size pic of it and a comparison pic matched up next to a M35 filter. many thanks
  20. jeffhuey1n

    Willys Restoration Shop

    I saw this on my way from Newport Oregon to Corvallis Oregon. I don't know anything about the but they do have several Willys sitting around.
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